Saturday, January 16, 2010

Girl Crush

I have a story coming out in the Girl Crush anthology, which will be released in May 2010 by Cleis Press. Editor R. Gay just released the lineup for the anthology, along with the very sexy cover art--you can view both at the link above.

I'm excited to read this anthology because R. Gay's made an effort to include stories that cover a wide variety of girl crush scenarios. Some of the stories will be sweet and romantic, and others will portray a darker side.

My story, "Running Away and Running Home Again," is on that darker side. I've been exhilarated by the experience of reading and writing erotica because I'm finally saying things I never felt I had permission to say. I'm encouraged to do so by the brave writing of others (see links to the side of the page).

Check out the site, and I'll post more about the anthology when I've got more information.

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