Thursday, July 31, 2014


At the Grip today, I wax nostalgic about the lost place I still wish I could go:

This is the place where my heart is buried. Today, the building has been demolished along with the dirty park beside it, both replaced by patio seating for an upscale sports bar, but on that spot of earth I fucked and loved and cried and shouted along with dozens of bands and was shamed and saw my lovers in the arms of others and performed my poetry to acclaim or to mockery and was praised and shouted at and became someone.

You can read the whole post here.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Guest Blog: Fast Cars by Tenille Brown

Today, I'm very pleased to host Tenille Brown, editor of Can't Get Enough. She must know I like to post about music on Mondays, so she sent over a great piece about hot sex in fast cars and reminded me of a fantastic Tracy Chapman song I've always loved.

See I remember we were driving, driving in your car
The speed so fast I felt like I was dunk
City lights lay out before us
And your arm felt nice wrapped round my shoulder...
Fast Car,
Tracy Chapman

I remember the sexy sound of strings in Tracy Chapman's version of Fast Car, her sultry ode to riding with a lover.

I remember how it made me feel, how I feel even now in a car, any car, huddled up close in the front seat, my adrenaline enhanced by the thrill of speeding down the street.

Yes, I'm fascinated with cars, riding in them, sitting on them.

In my mind I'm the kind of girl who belongs in a Mustang convertible, Special Edition, with sunglasses on and my hair blowing in the wind.

Maybe that's why I'm addicted to car my writing and in my reading.

Over the past decade, I've written a number of stories about vehicles and the people who have sex in, on and around them.

Be it on the hood, in the front seat, in the bed of a pick up, there's something about the urgency, the "give it to me now" that makes my heart beat and my tongue wag. I can't resist.

So, it's no surprise that three stories of the car sex variety made it into Can't Get Enough.

Take this passage form Miel Rose's Big Appetites:

"'s not because of her threat that I buckle my seat belt and scoot my naked butt over to her. She takes one hand off the wheel and wraps a thick arm around me..."

Or this one from Heidi Champa's Free Ride:

"When I slipped into the backseat, I heard his belt buckle jingling and the metallic click of his zipper going down..."

And lastly, Lucy Felthouse's When He Gets Home:

"...She leaned forward and touched the button to recline the seat....the poor man had no idea what was coming to him."

Maybe it's the cramped space and the creativity it takes to get it going, maybe it's the idea of not being able to wait the ten seconds it would take to get inside the house.

Whatever it is, it makes the top two in my top ten places to get it on and no matter what, I'll always make time (and space) for a fucking good ride.


Can't Get Enough is on tour right now! You can see the full list of posts here. I've got a story in Can't Get Enough myself (though it's not about cars) — it's called Objects of Desire, and it's about kitchen tools turned sex toys. You can pick up the book here.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Flash Fiction at the New Site!

I thought I would encourage people to check out my new site,, by posting a free piece of flash fiction there. Here's the opening:
“Whoa, do we really need that many spatulas on our wedding registry? We don’t cook that much. I don’t even know what half those things are called.” Sarah rested a hand on my shoulder and peered at the items I’d checked off on the department store’s list of suggestions.

“I wasn’t thinking of cooking,” I confessed. Her eyes lit up, and I knew what she’d remembered.

To read the whole thing, head to, here! :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Pain-Studded Absolution of Those Boys

"I will set you free, but I won't let you go."

Rarely have I read a more shiver-inducing statement of what BDSM is all about. That sentence I quoted has plenty of impact on its own, but it's got even more embedded in the yearning, emotional, dead-sexy "Those Boys," Alison Tyler's latest novelette from the fabulous Go Deeper Press.

Readers of the previous novelette, "Those Girls," will welcome the return of Sandy, the cocky but not too perfect bisexual dom who starred in that outing. We've also been treated to the return of Vanessa, the titular girl.

The new addition is Rem, a silver-haired, tattooed, Western-shirt wearing rocker who Sandy sums up this by telling us what kind of boy he is. Rem, Sandy says, is one of "those 'I need your approval of my outfit, and it will take me six hours to choose a shirt' boys."

What ensues when these three collide is a tale of desire. Sandy wants Rem, Rem wants what Sandy can give him, and Vanessa wants to enjoy them both. With everyone wanting so much, the reader might ask what holds them back from satisfaction—but where sex comes into play, the answer is all too clear. What holds many of us back from satisfaction is ourselves, and that's no less true for the conflicted Rem.

The emotion between Sandy and Rem is intense, and the sex scorching, but I especially love that Tyler doesn't neglect Vanessa. Her relationship with Sandy remains nuanced, and is advanced by the story, and there is palpable chemistry between her and Rem.

I've read dozens of Alison Tyler's BDSM stories, and Those Boys delivers what fans of those stories are looking for—heat, attention to the psychology of BDSM, the search for an understanding of this drive but an ultimate refusal to apologize for it.

As she's discussed on her blog, Those Boys is different in a very important way—she's writing from the perspective of a male dom rather than the semi-autobiographical female "I" that's common to much of her other work (such as Dark Secret Love). That girl is still present in Those Boys (Vanessa, like many Alison Tyler narrators, has a preference for diaphanous dresses and a love of anal play), but it's fun to see her from a different perspective. And it's exciting to read the flip side of Tyler's kinky world. Sandy delivers the sure sexiness of a dom without becoming so certain of himself that he turns into a caricature (I feel as if I said something very similar when reviewing Those Girls, but it's true in both novelettes). His desires are front and center, and they're interestingly distinct from those of his subs.

Tyler's general exuberance about BDSM is on full display here, as fresh and strong as if this were the very first story she'd written. And Sandy's voice has a breathtaking intimacy to it. He speaks of his own desires, but he knows his subs so well:

"I know that a real, true sub requires more than pain. There's the understanding that accompanies the desires, absolution above all else."

I might appropriate that sentence to describe what I need as a reader. I want the pain and the sex, but I also need the panoramic view of kink that I've gotten from this series. I need to travel into Sandy's mind because I need that absolution, too. Tyler has said that she's at work on a prequel called Those Days, where we'll be introduced to Sandy's origins.

I am one of those boys. I am one of those girls. I can't wait to travel back with Alison Tyler to those days.

(Disclaimer: I received an ARC of Those Boys in exchange for an honest review. I have also written for Go Deeper Press and Alison Tyler. I've also spent untold sums of my own money buying books from both sources...)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

New Website!

I've got a new website, and it's beautiful! It was built for me by the fabulous Angela Tavares at Here Booky Booky, and I couldn't be happier with what Angela has done.

I'm very excited for the possibilities at the new site. It's self-hosted, so I can post things without fear of sudden changes to blogger's terms of service and the like. I've got a cool podcast up there already, and I plan to post video of me reading excerpts as well.

That means, though, that I'm going to slowly phase out this blog. For the next several months, I'll be double-posting, both here and at the new blog, because I'm lazy myself about changing bookmarks and I don't want to leave anyone behind. Eventually, though, updates will only go to the new site. I'll post again when I'm preparing to make the change final. I won't maintain my publications list here, so if you want to see my latest stuff, please head over to the new site.

In the meantime, please change your bookmarks to



This Monday, Rachel Kramer Bussel's newest anthology of hot short-shorts released! The Big Book of Submission is a spiritual successor to The Big Book of Orgasms, except this time Bussel has focused on BDSM from the submissive's perspective.

My story, "Crunches," is about a personal trainer who takes control of more than her client's workout routine. Here's a clip:

One day, after she’d put me on the adductor machine and had me squeeze my thighs together against heavy resistance, I gave in to the urge that had been building. I rushed home, ripped off my sweats, and jumped into the bathtub with my vibrator in hand. I held myself in a half crunch (careful to pretend I had an orange under my chin for proper neck position), and stayed that way until my pulse pounded like a jackhammer and it felt like every drop of blood in my body had gathered just below my tightened abs. I shoved the vibrator deep inside my cunt, switched it to maximum intensity, then clenched every muscle in my body until I came. As I gasped and shuddered, hot water splashing around my shaking thighs, I could have sworn I heard Shira’s voice, counting off the spasms.

You can pick up The Big Book of Submission at lots of great bookstores—there's a good collection of links here.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Moment Things Went Awry

Today, at The Grip, I've got a post up called, "What I Did Before I Knew Better." We're remembering the 90s for the current topic cycle, and I wound up talking about the sexual identity I was forming, and how I wound up betraying that as the decade ended.

In all my confusion, when I ask myself what I honestly want, or what my identity actually is, it doesn't hurt to think back to how I acted then, when I didn't yet know better than to be myself.

You can read the whole post here.