Tuesday, March 7, 2017

I've Got Your Ticket to Ride

I've been remiss in sharing the news of a very sexy new book that includes my story, "Hey, Stranger." It's Ticket to Ride: Erotic Tales of Sexual Encounters, edited by Beverly Langland, published by the good people at Sexy Little Pages.

Did you want an excerpt of my story? I got you.

Here's a bit of "Hey, Stranger":

My thoughts raced as I listened to Cindy instruct the cab driver. What did she expect me to do? Would it be OK for me to just lean over and start kissing her?

My libido had plenty of ideas, but I was used to reining that in. Feeling awkward, I worked a hand along the back of the seat until I had an arm wrapped around her shoulders. Still quivering with nerves and anticipation, I dipped my head toward hers until I felt her hair against my cheek. She smelled so clean, so perfect—all those salon and spa scents that had never seemed to stick to me the way they did to other girls. I let my lips brush the top of her ear. “You good with this?”

She hummed way back in her throat and nodded. My body pulsed again, but my thoughts still had me panicked. I realized I didn’t know how she liked to be touched, didn’t know anything about her except the details that could be gleaned among a large group in a noisy bar.

I still wasn’t sure what she wanted with me, but being bold was working so I tried to keep it up. Grabbing hold of one of the fantasies I’d been having about her, I trailed my lips down to her earlobe, then to her jaw, then to the point of her chin. Slowly, a bit shocked at my own daring, I traveled up to her mouth, pausing just before initiating a kiss.

“I want you…” I admitted.

She smiled and took my hand, guiding it to the top of her thigh. She was wearing a short skirt, and I took the hint and slipped my fingertips under its hem. A bolder person might have reached toward her panties right away, but I was still having trouble believing this was happening.

“Sadly, there’s not much traffic,” she whispered, then laughed. “First time I’ve said that sentence. The point is, we probably won’t have more than a half hour before we get to the airport.” Her muscle twitched beneath my fingers as she spread her legs slightly.


Want to know more about the book?

Here's a description:

Delve into the minds of nine authors and let them take you for the ride of your life into the world of sex on public transport. Whether it’s trains, planes, cars, buses, trams or ferries, a combination of confined interiors and restricted spaces leads to erotic contact and hot and steamy sex.

Entice yourself with stories of:

Trains: The constant rhythm and clatter of wheels on rails, the side-to-side motion and a sense of entrapment between stations adds a touch of spice to a new encounter; and stealing pleasure on a crowded platform just heightens the excitement. Or travel back to the splendour of the steam age to follow a detective and the thief she’s set out to capture.

Planes: The confined space of the seats necessitates unconventional solutions to comforting a fidgeting woman, particularly when things aren’t quite as they seem.

Buses: A crowded tour bus and the woman who sits between two very different groups of musicians leads to a very different experience on the ‘dividing line’. Meanwhile, eavesdropping on someone else’s erotic stories via Bluetooth during a daily ride share leads to more than just words.

Whatever your fantasy, these erotic short stories will leave you eager to plan your next journey!

Want to buy it right now? You can do that here.

Thanks for reading! <3

Monday, February 13, 2017

WORD Is It's Galentine's Day!

Tonight from 6:30-8 pm I'll be participating in a "Galentine's Day" panel at WORD in Jersey City, as part of the Best Women's Erotica book tour. According to the description, "We'll chat about what makes a story sexy, the writing process, how to get published, and the cultural impact of writing stories that reflect a wide range of women's experiences." I'm looking forward to talking about these things!

Please join us if you're in the neighborhood! If you'd like to read the book, you can find it here.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Bluestockings Is On My Map For Sure!

Tonight at 7 pm I'll be at Bluestockings in New York City, as part of the Best Women's Erotica book tour. This is one of my very favorite places to read and visit—they won me over the moment I saw they have a "postcolonial fiction" section, and I've never looked back.

I'll be reading from my story, "On Some Maps, But Not on Others." Please join us if you're in the neighborhood! If you'd like to read the book, you can find it here.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Pour Some Sugar on Me

Just a quick note to say you can find me tonight from 6:30-8 pm at Sugar in Baltimore, as part of the Best Women's Erotica book tour. I'll be reading from my story, "On Some Maps, But Not on Others." Please join us if you're in the neighborhood! If you'd like to read the book, you can find it here.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Coming Soon: Journey to the Center of Desire

Hi, friends! I just signed a contract to be in J. Blackmore's new book from Circlet Press, Journey to the Center of Desire!

My story, Journey to the Disappearing Sea, imagines a much more active role for "little Gräuben," the love interest of the narrator of Verne's original Journey to the Center of the Earth. Gräuben deserves it, too. In the original, it's clear that she's brave and learned and every bit as deserving of adventure as Axl. You'll perhaps forgive me if I made her much more awesome than he was, and narrated in his voice, so he's the one who gets to tell you how cool she is?

I really love playing with classic works this way. My first story for J. Blackmore, "The Artist's Retreat," which was published in her collection, Whispers in Darkness: Lovecraftian Erotica, marks a turning point in my mental history of my own writing. It was studying Lovecraft, and imitating his style enough to sound authentic, that began to free me from the overly spare journalistic style I'd developed from years of writing articles. It gave me access to a tone I hadn't allowed myself for a long time, one that now feels essential to my voice.

I had an equally great time with Verne. And in case it's not clear by now, Ms. Blackmore has an enviable relationship with classic texts of all varieties. I'm not in these, but I can also recommend her takes on Austen and Carroll.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Reviews Are Coming In...

Best Women's Erotica of the Year, Volume Two, is starting to get reviews, so you can see what people are saying about the book if you're interested.

I'm particularly pleased at the many descriptors this review had to use to describe my story, "On Some Maps, But Not on Others": "M/F, F/F, S&M, voyeurism." And I'm glad to see love for T.C. Mill and other writers I admire as well.

In this review, I'm described as an author "familiar to erotica fans," which, hey, I guess so! Reminds me of the time, back when I was still fairly embarrassed about writing this stuff, that a woman asked me if my work was "anything she would have seen," and I replied, "Depends on how much erotica you read." I live for the moments I manage to be that witty.

Flippancy aside, I so appreciate everyone who takes the time to read my work and the work of the authors I share pages with. I don't like to comment on the opinions people express, because when I review stuff on Goodreads I like to pretend I'm talking just to other readers—I think that's who reviews are for. But it's a huge help to authors, editors, and publishers, too, when people leave reviews, because many of the websites that sell or recommend books are set up with algorithms that respond to things like quantity or quality of reviews. So if you've picked up or are planning to pick up this year's edition of Best Women's Erotica, please consider leaving a review once you read it. Even a sentence helps.

If you'd like to take a look at the book (or more of its reviews), you can find it here.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Best Women's Erotica Book Tour

Editor Extraordinaire Rachel Kramer Bussel has put together a four-stop book tour for Best Women's Erotica, and I'll be participating in all three of the East Coast stops! You can see the details in the image below.

My story in Best Women's Erotica is "On Some Maps, But Not on Others." It's about a lot of not knowing—not understanding gender, not knowing quite why what turns you on turns you on, and not being sure what fulfillment would look like or how to go after it. I love the story. It rips me open. I avoid direct autobiography in my work, but the themes are often really true to me, and this story expresses a lot of the uncertainty I struggle with. It also puts forth the idea, which I believe, that embracing those uncertainties can be hot.

I'm really excited to share this with people at Sugar, Bluestockings, and WORD, and I'm also really looking forward to hearing from the other authors! Please join us if you're in town (and West Coast people, there's a stop for you, too!).

In the meantime, if you'd like to check out the book, you can find it here.