Monday, May 23, 2011

Music Mondays: "Beauty*2" by Ladytron

"Hey, can I go with you? My beauty number 2. Hey, can I go with you, when the rendezvous is over?" -- Ladytron

That sick feeling when you know some desired lover's not coming back anymore is offset in Ladytron's Beauty*2 by the sensual peace of the music. And, of course, there's "Beauty Number Two" to turn to.

Ladytron's lyrics are always spare and mysterious, so it's hard for me to flesh out the story of any of their songs. This particular song, however, makes me think that the narrator may be addressing her boyfriend's other lover--his beauty number two. Maybe she's suggesting revenge sex between the two of them when the boyfriend's gone for the night. Or maybe this is just the erotica writer in me talking.

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