Monday, October 23, 2017

Music Mondays: Bisexual Danish Folk Rock

This song means a lot to me. The first time I heard it, it stole my breath away. I was in Denmark, taking part in a community where I wasn't comfortable being out (though the community was amazing in many ways--sometimes, it's hard to tell if that sort of shit is just in my head or what). Anyway, I heard this song and, not only did it sound incredible, I instantly knew it was about a woman's first time desiring another woman. I've talked to some people who think the song's message is subtle, but to me it was blindingly clear, maybe because I needed so badly to hear it.

The band is from the 70s, and was called Shit og Chanel (Shit and Chanel), a badass punk name if I ever heard one. At some point, Chanel made them stop going by that name. The singer, Anne Linnet, is one of the greats of Danish music.

I'll post a rough translation after the video.

Rough translation of the lyrics:

Jeg gik ind til byen for at kigge efter dig
I went into the city to look for you

Pludselig stod du der i mængden
Og smilede til mig
Suddenly you stood there in the crowd, smiling at me

Ja alle folk ka' se det straks
Everyone can see it right away

Du er så smuk og dejlig
You are so beautiful and lovely

Dine øjne skinner
Your eyes shine

Du må hellere passe på
You'd better take care

Jeg pas på at ilden i mig ikke bliver tændt
I'm careful not to let the fire in me light up

Vi kunne begge to meget let blive forbrændt
We could both easily get burnt

Men det er ikke let
But it's not easy

For du er så smuk og dejlig
Because you're so beautiful and lovely

Dine øjne skinner
Your eyes shine

Ta' og kig den anden vej
Go and look the other way

Du er lidt forvirret
You're a little confused

Siger du og ler
You say, laughing

Smiler lidt vemodigt
You smile wistfully

Når du spør mig hva er det der sker
When you ask me, what is happening here?

Men jeg ved det heller ikke
But I don't know either

Du er så smuk og dejlig
You're so beautiful and lovely

Dine øjne skinner
Your eyes shine

Stærkere end nogen sol
Stronger than any sun

(And then various parts get repeated for the rest of the song)

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