Tuesday, April 25, 2017

We're Unspeakably Erotic!

I just got the word from editor D.L. King that her latest anthology, Unspeakably Erotic: 20 Stories of Lesbian Kink, is up for preorder on Amazon!

It includes my story, "Simultaneous." I really went for it with this one—thinking about it now I realized I took a whole bunch of my personal fantasies and worked them into one wild scene. This story includes piercing, fisting, group sex, orgasm denial, and D/s in the form of a dominant masochist. So it's super hot to me.

I'm also proud because I like to write stories that contrast with common expectations. There's a lot of shame flying around about "topping from the bottom." In "Simultaneous," I wrote a story where that's the plan and expectation. The domme is the bottom, and that's the way the characters like it. This sort of thing is personally important to me because I'm definitely a masochist, but sometimes what I really need is to have control of how I'm being hurt.

Knowing D.L. King, I'm sure the rest of these stories will be scorching. You can check out the table of contents below. Can I mention how excited I am to share pages again with Rose P. Lethe? (I still shiver when thinking about her story, "A Professional," which was in the 20th anniversary edition of Best Lesbian Erotica). I also see plenty of other names I know and love: Sonni de Soto, Sacchi Green, Kathleen Tudor, and more. And the thing is, half the fun of these anthologies is getting to know the writers I'm not already familiar with. There never fails to be a story that floors me, written by some talented person I've never heard of before.

Here's the full list of what's to come:

Pygmalion   J. Belle Lamb
CBT   Pascal Scott
The Auction   Tamsin Flowers
Support Service   Sonni de Soto
Blue Plate Special: Your Boot on My Cunt   Avery Cassell
Simultaneous   Annabeth Leong
Private Party   Rose P. Lethe
Training Zoe   Meghan O'Brien
Use Me   Kiki DeLovely
Cuckold   B.D. Swain
The Last Kink   Cecilia Duvalle
In a Pinch   Janelle Reston
Baubles and Beads   Sacchi Green
Appetite   Emily Bingham
Bitch Slap   Sir Manther
Aloha a Trois   Kathleen Tudor
Date Night   Brey Willows
The Last of Marengo   Mary Tintagel
Close Edge   Elinor Zimmerman
Bedtime Story   Robyn Nyx

If lesbian kink erotica is your thing, please consider pushing the preorder button on Amazon—either for the print edition or the kindle edition.

You may or may not be aware, but these sorts of anthologies are becoming less common now than they were in the past, and that's a shame because I personally love them. It really helps for people to show interest up front. I love doing these, and I love them as a reader, and I'd like to see them keep going.

Until next time! <3 <3 <3

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