Thursday, October 31, 2013

Ghoulish Reads for Halloween!

Hello, my lovelies! For your Halloween pleasure, I thought I'd compile a list of ghoulish work that might hit the spot.

First, here's mine:

The House of Erotica Witching Hour includes my story, "If I Ask," a ghost story set in the Cemetery of Montmartre.

Coming Together: Hungry For Love includes my story "Screen Siren," a zombie romance between a B-movie director and his undead leading lady.

My novel Run For Your Love is the story of a pacifist in the zombie apocalypse and the woman who tests his principles.

And some from my friends:

If you can't get enough of zombies (and they certainly can't get enough of you), check out the Zombie Erotoclypse by Tamsin Flowers.

I didn't forget the vampires. Coming Together: In Vein is a smart, sexy erotic anthology edited by Lisabet Sarai.

Giselle Renarde brings the spooky lesbian hotness with Girls Gone Carnal: Lesbian Vamps, Witches, and Weres.

If you catch this in time, Go Deeper Press has a special Halloween offer—a free copy of Femme Fatale: Erotic Tales of Dangerous Women. If you don't catch it in time, this collection is still well worth buying.

Enjoy, and have a happy Halloween!


  1. Annabeth, thank you so much for spreading the word about Femme Fatale! (Also, I'm reading Tamsin Flowers' Zombie Erotoclypse and enjoying it immensely.)

  2. So happy to, Lana. I loved Femme Fatale! (Finally got my review for it up on Goodreads, too!

  3. Wow, Annabeth, thanks so much for the wonderful review on Goodreads! Seriously, we're both beaming away. Hearts to you and your stellar reviewing!