Monday, October 7, 2013

Halloween is Here!

The House of Erotica Witching Hour just came out, and it's getting me excited about the season!

Here's the blurb:

Inside you will find thirteen spooky erotic stories. From shapeshifters to wild nights with the dead there's a theme to suit everyone.

Stories from Victoria Blisse, Isabel Holley, Nicky Raven, Heather Lin, Vanessa de Sade, Gemma Parkes, Tilly Hunter, Lucy Felthouse, Elizabeth Black, Nephylim, Annabeth Leong and Daddy X.

The specifics of my story, "If I Ask":

Locked by accident overnight in the Cimetière de Montmartre, a man discovers much more than statues and cats. The spirits who linger there would happily feed on the vitality of the living, but, nursing a broken heart, the man will take any companionship he can get. He shares a bottle of wine with the ghost of a mysterious woman, and in the process becomes fascinated by her hunger. The man longs to feel wanted, and even when she warns that she can no longer give pleasure without causing pain, he wants to taste the depth of her need.

And a snip:

The door of a locked mausoleum swung slowly open and a pale woman emerged. Her shoulders shrugged up toward her ears. She wore a flowing dress and walked with an immensely self-conscious gait. "You're a handsome one," she said, and leaned toward me before I thought to defend myself.

Her mouth closed on mine in the most ravenous kiss I have ever received. Soft lips pressed against me, so cold that they seared, and a hard tongue thrust into my mouth. I didn't like the way it felt, but my body didn't seem to care what I thought. In seconds, my balls ached, full and heavy, and I moaned around that tongue as it reached nearly to the back of my throat. My hands came up as if on their own and were met by bony shoulders and fragile cloth.

Then she pushed me onto my back atop the monument and climbed astride my hips, ripping at my clothes with the desperation of the starving. No woman had ever moved this quickly with me, and I was stunned by the speed as much as by the cold sensations.

I could not help putting my arms around her, and at this she gave a satisfied little purr and everything changed. What had been pleasure began to sting like the pain of waking limbs. My body became heavier everywhere, and I couldn't feel my heart beating. Breath became impossible to find, and yet she never stopped kissing me, her mouth and lips the only things in the world that I could still feel.

I thought I would die, and I could not think clearly enough to know if I would mind. Before I ended, however, she pulled away, her eyes deep and bright and her pale skin now flushed with my life.

"What was that?" I shivered beneath her, the moldy marble monument cold against my back. Black hair that smelled of lilies tickled the spot beneath my nose.

"A kiss, love."

You can pick up the book here. Also, don't forget about my favorite Halloween book of last year, Coming Together: Hungry for Love. And finally, Run for Your Love, my erotic romance set against the backdrop of the zombie apocalypse, will be out this Friday.

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