Monday, January 16, 2017

2 Contracts I Signed Since the Last Time I Blogged

I'm still catching up on news from the dark of winter, when sunlight and blogging were scarce. Today, I offer glimpses of two contracts I signed since the last time I blogged:

Ticket to Ride
The good people at Sexy Little Pages are doing it again, this time with Beverly Langland's Ticket to Ride, a collection of erotica that takes place in and around various forms of transportation. I wrote my story, "Hey, Stranger," in the heat of a missed connection, and I got greedy with the forms of transportation I used: mine features a train, a plane, and a taxi.

Tournaments and Quests
I'll be working with Less Than Three press for the first time in their forthcoming anthology, Tournaments and Quests. My story, "To Rescue a Princess," brings together a bisexual knight, a lesbian princess, and a trainable dragon. I got to write about magic, duels, flying, hot sex, and expecting more.

Can't wait to share more about both of these projects with you!

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