Monday, January 2, 2012

Music Mondays: "Caress Me Down" by Sublime

"Take your chones, y los manden a mi."
(Take your panties, and send them to me)

Sublime's "Caress Me Down" is a silly kind of sexy, but I love it all the same. This song takes me back to the time when any kind of naughty talk gave me a thrill. When you're a horny teenager, you're on the hunt for any sexy expression, any line in a book, any piece of a song. Maybe I'm dating myself, but this was particularly true in my case--I didn't have regular access to the Internet, so I had to get what I could by grabbing these stolen hints. "Caress Me Down" used to turn me on because of its subject matter alone. I also always enjoyed the way he moans during the chorus.

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