Friday, February 24, 2012

The Accidental Erotic Altruist

I've taken my turn at bat for the Coming Together Share the Love Blog Bash today, over at Beyond Romance. From my post:

A long-standing fantasy of mine served as the foundation for this story. I called it “the bridge fantasy.” I imagined being the conduit through which two others expressed their love for each other. My body would be the canvas, but the sex act would stretch beyond me.

In “The Hunt,” the main character, Nikia, lives this fantasy, offering herself to the goddess Artemis and Theron, a hero who worships her. Artemis will suffer the touch of no man, but she wishes to reward Theron for his devotion. The resulting encounter, excerpted below, is a threesome in which Nikia serves as bridge between man and woman, mortal and immortal.

She’s a real erotic altruist, a messenger you would kiss and kiss again. But, like me, maybe it’s a little by accident. Nikia has plenty of selfish reasons for what she does, and plenty of reasons to think her efforts won’t matter in the end. And now I’m thinking this is how it looks whenever we reach beyond ourselves--we will always appear small and inadequate beside the greater glory of a good cause.

This is followed by an excerpt from "The Hunt," which is my story from Coming Together: As ONE. I'd give you a taste here, but an excerpt of an excerpt is just too meta for me.

Read the rest here, and leave a comment--I'm buying someone a copy of... Spankalicious!

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