Thursday, February 2, 2012

Spankalicious! TOC edition

I'm not letting this awesome picture fall off the top of my blog. I posted last week about how excited I am to be included in Spankalicious: Erotic Adventures in Spanking. I figured I'd follow up with the full table of contents. I can't wait to read these stories!

Spankalicious Table of Contents

1 His & Hers by ily.goyanes

2 Designated Hitter by Big Ed Magusson

3 Glass Slippers by Leela Scott

4 Venus Calipige by C├Ęsar Sanchez Zapata

5 A Good Man is Hard to Find by Geroge Glass

6 Little Boys by Angela R. Sargenti

7 My Slutty Little Girl by Sinclair Sexsmith

8 An Incentive for Penny by Jade Melisande

9 The Upper Hand by D. L. King

10 On Switch by Penelope Pruitt

11 The First Weekend by Nan Andrews

12 The Unfair Maidens by Helen E. H. Madden

13 The Birthday Boy’s Punishment by Garland

14 Inspired by Martha Davis

15 Professor Kent’s Book Club by Nina Tate Parker

16 A Cure for Excess by Annabeth Leong

17 Dorm Room Disciplinarian by A. Erin Golding

18 The Roll-top Desk by T. Harrison

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