Sunday, June 23, 2013

Icarus Bleeds Cover Reveal

Icarus, a man on the run, dreams of wings, and of taking flight like the surgicaly modified rich and famous of Central City. The hacker who harbors him will do anything to keep him, including paying for the dangerous operation in a back alley chop shop. Neither can imagine how much the wings will truly cost. (M/M)

Every now and then, a writer gets a "bonus story," something that just flows as if it's coming straight out of the collective unconscious. I don't think it's a great idea to wait around for those--I try to show up at the page and do my work whether I feel inspired or not. However, it's nice to be inspired, nice to have the sensation of words burning and flowing and somehow sanctified. It's a rare occurrence for me, and happens maybe once a year.

Icarus Bleeds was that story for me last year. When I read it over now, I'm not even sure how I wrote it. It's a little scary to have a story like this, because I want everyone to read it and like it but it's also a fair bit different from what I normally write (it's only my second m/m piece ever).

In any case, it will be coming out soon. Watch for more information on its story page, here.

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