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Leigh Ellwood – The Sugar Rush Top Five + Giveaway

I'm excited to welcome Leigh Ellwood today. Not only did Leigh edit the fantastic Coming Together: Girl on Girl, she's also a fellow author in the Hot Pink series for Ellora's Cave.

Hello, and thanks for stopping by! My name is Leigh Ellwood and I write romance and erotica. I write most pairings and genres – M/M, M/F, and F/F, and I’m here to talk about my debut with Ellora’s Cave, Sugar Rush.

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Sugar Rush is part of a line of stories from EC called Hot Pink, romances featuring lesbian and bisexual female pairings. When I first saw the call I was intrigued, because EC is known mainly for their sexy alpha heroes. I’ve certainly read my share of them! I knew EC published some F/F romance, but the production of a special line prompted me to try for it. I was thrilled when Kelli Collins delivered “The Call.”

I had so much fun creating the story and characters and hope to expand on this world In the future. In the meantime, I invite you to learn more about Sugar Rush and what you can expect from me. I love lists, so I thought I’d share the Top Five reasons you should try this new novella.

1) Who doesn’t love the sweet stuff? Cupcakes, cake pops, chocolate chip cookies…you’ll find these and more at Neve Rush’s bakery. She loves to bake, and a certain lady loves her for that, and for other skills outside the kitchen.

2) Who doesn’t love romance? Neve loves love. Sugar Rush opens with two women inquiring about a wedding cake, and when Neve takes the job she doesn’t realize she’s caused a media sensation. If you support the right for same-sex couples to marry you will like Neve.

3) It’s awesome to try new things. If you have never before read an F/F romance, this is your chance. Ellora’s Cave has shown great support by putting out the Hot Pink line, which gives you many options to choose.

4) It’s the start of something big. I’ve started work on the follow-up story, to be called Sugar High. You can never have enough sweet stuff!

5) Reading romance rocks! You can download Sugar Rush to your reader and take it with you anywhere this summer – the beach, the mountains, or stay at home.

To get you as excited as me about Sugar Rush, here’s a sneak preview. Hope you check it out and let me know what you think. You can tweet me @LeighEllwood anytime.


Baker Neve Rush is surprised to receive social media attention, both the good and bad varieties, after agreeing to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple. She cares about people’s tastes in pastries, not sexual partners. The newfound fame has gained her new customers—as well as one resurfaced ex. Gianna stirs up memories Neve would rather forget, and an impromptu flirtation with a client might just do the trick.

Judy Goldsmith finds Neve’s open-mindedness refreshing and attractive, and isn’t above a little scheming to get to know her better. As Neve and Judy satisfy each other’s sweet tooth in the most pleasurable ways possible, feelings begin to blossom. But their deepening attraction may not survive a little white lie…and an even bigger, darker secret.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age. If you are under the age of 18, please exit this site.

An Excerpt From: SUGAR RUSH

Copyright © LEIGH ELLWOOD, 2014

All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.

Judy drummed her fingers on the steering wheel, waiting out the red light so she could pull forward and turn into the shopping plaza. Should I park in front of the bakery? That’ll make it look obvious, huh? Desperate cupcake groupie looking for something sweet. In Neve’s mind, however, it might look as though Judy didn’t trust Sugar Rush to deliver the party treats; that perhaps she wanted to spy on her.

Of course, that notion had to occur just as she’d pulled into the lot and drove past the bakery storefront. This is silly, she thought, and decided to pull through to the opposite exit and join Rachael at the coffeehouse. As much as Neve enchanted her, Judy didn’t want to come off like a stalker.

The lights were still on at Sugar Rush and she saw activity within… and nearby in front of the Mexican restaurant. An overhead lamp illuminated the two figures, one perched on the short iron gate, and Judy recognized Neve’s outfit. The woman looked upset.

Worry seized Judy by the throat until she couldn’t swallow so easily. Did Neve need help?

Creeper or no, Judy changed her mind and wheeled into the first available space. She’d never forgive herself if she drove away and Neve ended up the victim of an assault so close to work.

“Hello?” she called out, approaching the sidewalk. The figure hovering over Neve, a woman, whirled around and glared hard.

Neve, by contrast, appeared relieved to see her.

“Oh hey, Judy. You’re early.” Neve stood and eased past the other woman, surprising Judy with a full-on embrace. Neve’s arms wrapped around her tightly, and Judy’s body reacted with a quiet surge of lust. Even with the winter clothing barriers, her skin tingled and her pussy throbbed. Unconsciously, she pushed her groin closer in hopes of more intimate contact, but Neve’s next words proved more sobering than the coldest shower.

“Play along, please?” she whispered in Judy’s ears. “I’ll explain later.”

Judy gave a sound that must have satisfied her as assent, though inside her heart dropped to her shoes. Okay, so she had to play pretend in front of this stranger, which could only mean Neve wanted a quick escape. The woman had to be an ex on the make—this scene didn’t have the look of a confrontation with a disgruntled customer.

Neve withdrew but kept a soft grip on Judy’s hand. “I’m sorry, I have to go,” she said to the slow-burning brunette. “I have plans for tonight, and I need to finish up at the bakery so my employees can go home.”

“I get it, sorry.” The woman nodded and drew her coat tighter around her waist. “I’ll see you around, I guess,” she added, and stormed off without acknowledging Judy.

“I didn’t mean to intrude,” Judy whispered close to Neve.

Yeah, right. This had lover’s spat written all over it—and Judy noticed Neve was grinning like an inmate on parole.

You’re not sorry at all that I showed up, are you, Neve?

She tried not to smile herself.

Neve waited for the woman to get into her car. “Not at all, you were right on time. A minute more and I would have been in serious trouble.” She didn’t elaborate, but instead turned to Judy. “You saved my ass.”

Judy’s face flushed hot. An ass-related thought came to mind, and stayed wisely unsaid.

About Leigh

I am Leigh Ellwood. I write smutty stories about people who like getting naked and having sex. Some have more sex than others, some have sex with people of the same gender, some have sex with more than one person, and still others have sex with toys and things that require the use of batteries. My stories range from a few thousand words to well past 70k.

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