Monday, April 18, 2011

Music Mondays: "Recipe for Disaster" by Morcheeba

"Wanna know why there's a dead guy in my dining room? Hit a dead end with my best friend, met his end too soon." -- Morcheeba

Well, my first post did warn that my taste in sexy music runs dark.

Let's talk sound first. Recipe for Disaster has the smoothest beat, and Skye Edwards has a voice that makes me want to roll around in bed. If you're not listening to the lyrics, you could be forgiven for assuming this is the perfect song to have on while dropping gentle, tender kisses on your lover's lips, building up a slow burn that's going to ignite pretty soon.

In fact, like many Morcheeba songs, the lyrics are quite dark. I believe the song is a play on the classic blues murder ballad tradition. The narrator's found her lover in bed with her best friend, and has taken action.

So, why is the song still sexy? Edwards' croon, which I'm still reacting to the sound of, still conveys a tender, erotic feeling about the man and whatever deed she's done with him--whether sensual or murderous. This is another case of erotic insanity, sexual passion that's grown so that it confuses the meaning of a loving action.

Not a place I'd ever want to be in real life, but Edwards and the rest of the band convey it with powerful seduction.

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