Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sexy Spies

The Second Oldest Profession: New Tales of Sexy Seductive Spies, which includes my story, "Loyalty," is now available from Sizzler Editions. Here's the blurb:

If the exchange of sex for something in return is one of the first transactions by the human species, you can bet that there was someone spying on the couple! In Chinatown by Jay Lawrence, has Dixon Frost of MI5 following the luscious spy, Veronica Blow along the dangerous streets of Wartime London. Misha is searching for a mysterious master spy in Double Oh by Mike Howard. Will spilled blood join the other bodily fluids on the sidewalk? In Maxwell’s Demon by Essemoh Teepee a deliciously sensual woman is coolly professional in doing just what takes to get at some very valuable secrets. Double Dare by Lily Gower is about a watcher, one of the invisible spies, observing an infidelity. Loyalty by Annabeth Leong has a corporate spy wearing a hi-tech disguise to seduce information out of the CEO of a prominent designer drug company. The World Game by M. Christian has Andrea and Mitchell navigating the Cold War landscape of treachery and double agents. In Spy School by Anandalila, Ana and Ian are in their last assignment, a sexy game of seduction. In The Love Who Spied Me by M. Howard, when Sven came in from the cold he was still hot stuff – and about to get hotter. MI5 are under pressure in OHMS by Max Sandford, Emma is fresh from training when she meets Khemet and discovers her own true nature. In A Taste of Honey by Moses Emary, A spy must choose if risking his job and quite possibly his life is worth one sweet taste of Honey. Ten stories from some of the best authors around are all about sexy, seductive spies and hot, steamy sex.

My piece is erotic science fiction, featuring spaceships, synth suits, gender-bending, and designer drugs. Here's an excerpt from Loyalty:

"Oh, you really did want to talk?" Stella said, forcing my mind back on track. "I'm surprised. Didn't think that was your style."

I whirled. Stella had downed the wine in her glass and undone her shawl, displaying a pale expanse of curvaceous female topography. My buddy, Jack, did indeed seem to have done most of the work of seducing this woman for me. I ogled her studiously, imitating the eye movement patterns we'd observed Jack using. I lingered in the valley of her cleavage, then craned my neck a little to peek at her hip and the small bit of ass that I could see.

Stella grinned and shifted slightly in her chair to show me a little more. If I weren't working, she might have genuinely excited me. I liked her curves, and the way her messed-up cuticles showed a little vulnerability to balance the power promised by her manicured, blood-red fingernails. Unfortunately, this was no time to think about myself. I leered with Jack's face, trusting the expression I'd practiced to fall within 1/8 of a millimeter of his normalized lustful configuration.

"You sure you want to talk?" Stella said.

I gritted my teeth. Maybe she'd loosen up off the power trip after I made her come a time or two. I went ahead and took the cue, closing the distance between us. A guy like Jack wouldn't ask, so I didn't. I sank my fingers into her hair, tilted her head back, and took her mouth. The dossier didn't include data on Jack's sexual style, so I winged it, trusting my intuition of the man and the intel that she had no reason to know for sure how he would kiss her. I went in deep and aggressive, forcing her mouth open wide and going straight for big handfuls of tits and ass.

She felt good — a lot to grip, and nicely firm. I allowed myself a moment of distraction and pinched her nipple, liking the way she sighed into my mouth. But I had to return to the bosses with more than an afterglow if I didn't want to spend my whole life in debt servitude, so I kept myself focused. "As fascinating as all this is," I murmured, not quite pulling back from her mouth, "I really did want to get your thoughts on that ship redesign I mentioned."

"Oh?" Stella took my hand and guided it over her white silk dress, fastening my fingers around her crotch. I couldn't ignore the invitation and keep talking without insulting her, so I decided to take it to the hilt and maybe wow her a little. Slipping to my knees on the floor in front of the loveseat, I pressed my face into the spot where she'd placed my hand. The tangy scent of her came through clearly, going to my head more than I expected. A shiver of arousal reached my actual clit, which was sealed off and neglected inside the synthsuit. I moaned, not entirely the way Jack would have.

I followed my instincts, licking her through the silk, my saliva spreading rapidly over her dress and making it cling. She wasn't wearing panties, and, even through layers of synthsuit that covered every part of me including the inside of my mouth, she tasted sweet and compelling.

"That's good, Jack," Stella purred, gently separating me from her cunt with a tight grip on the back of my neck. I couldn't take my eyes off the nearly transparent wet spot on her white dress. I could just see the dark pink shade of her inner labia through the indentation where her outer cunt lips had begun to spread open.

Stella must have seen where my eyes focused, because she smirked down at me. "I'm not being fair, am I? I should let you talk to me."

You can pick up the book here, or at Amazon.

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