Saturday, April 29, 2017

Xan West

I want to talk to you today about Xan West (AKA Corey Alexander), an incredible erotica writer and one of the most thoughtful, kind people I know.

Xan's work touched me long before I communicated with Xan directly in any way. It was a representation of BDSM that was incredibly sexy, incredibly edgy, and psychologically astute at the same time. As I involved myself in erotica writing and the kink scene, some writing began to seem less relevant to my experience. There were stories that were hot but that didn't sit right with me anymore because of the ways I am and have been wounded. Xan's work, however, only glowed more brightly with time. Xan's writing fiercely defends sexuality while being absolutely sensitive toward the human beings coming into sexual situations. It gives me hope in so many ways.

You can read me saying similar things in the introduction to Xan's book, Show Yourself to Me—I felt so privileged to be asked to write it.

The point of talking about Xan West today, though, is that this wonderful person is in need of help right now, and I so want to see all the help and good things directed toward Xan.

You can read the details here, but the short version is that Xan is in danger of becoming homeless. There's a campaign on YouCaring, designed to help Xan survive until SSDI kicks in. I'm embedding the widget below, and you can use that to give to Corey directly.

The other thing, though, is that the incredible people at Go Deeper Press (Xan's publisher) are currently giving Xan 100% of the proceeds from Show Yourself to Me. My friends, I honestly want to press this book into the hands of every person I meet. It's that good. It soothes my soul and turns me on, even at times when I think my soul can't be soothed or I can't be turned on. I would tell you to buy it anyway, at any time. But right now would be a particularly great time, because it will help Xan deal with this difficult situation.

I highly recommend you read this brave and moving post by Go Deeper Press co-founder Jacob Louder if you'd like to know more about the book. Then, please consider heading over to the Go Deeper Press website and buying a copy.

Finally, it really helps to spread the word about these efforts. Please share the links to Go Deeper and You Caring, and think of Xan when you are on Twitter or your own blog. You can find Xan/Corey's Twitter stream (which is always full of amazing links and thoughts as well) here.

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