Tuesday, May 2, 2017

A Line From A Spanking Story I'm Writing, Ripped Mercilessly Out of Context

My ass was like a warm cup of tea, and the heat of it spread through me, sweetly, creamily.

It's silly, right? But it's also kind of hot to me, and it accurately describes one type of feeling I sometimes have while being spanked.

The other day on Twitter, I saw this:

The quote I led with seems like a great example of this phenomenon.

I think, though, that this is a place where one has to trust oneself. Sex really is weird and awkward, at the same time that it's poetic and hot. It's all those things. The hottest things can seem completely ridiculous when seen from outside. I can't tell you how many times I've been totally into something and then broken down laughing at myself.

Sexual descriptions can be cheesy, but my personal belief is that they're only truly bad when they're dishonest/inaccurate.

So I'm leaving the tea description in for now, and I'll hope it speaks to others.

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