Thursday, May 17, 2012

God Sex

In the Death of Winter, my latest release from Forbidden Fiction, is a very intense story. It's about God-sex, and I think that would hurt, even as it would be incredible and exhilarating. Here's a short excerpt that gives a sense of the flavor:

After emptying himself down her throat, the god removed his cock from her mouth and wiped it against her hair. Bolormaa watched her black hair blanch white at his touch. “You are marked as mine forever,” Erlik whispered. “You will gain all the power, respect, and trouble that come of this.”

Bolormaa clutched her guts and whimpered. The god’s hand on her shoulder stilled her. His fingers found her nipples, circling them with his chilly touch. He squeezed them into thin, aching points, so stiff with cold that they would not return to their customary shape. Erlik gripped both nipples firmly and pulled up.

She gasped and squirmed to get her feet in place under her. “Do you still wish to receive my third gift?” Erlik asked. He kissed her, her still-thawing cheeks so cold that even his icy tongue felt hot and harsh.

“Yes,” Bolormaa declared. The god guided her onto all fours in the snow.

Erlik placed the head of his cock against Bolormaa’s cunt but did not push inside. He leaned forward and gripped her nipples again, pinching until she screamed and fought him. Slowly, the god increased the pressure, pulling until she had no choice but to impale herself.

The stabbing cold of his rigid member reached steadily farther inside her. “Please,” Bolormaa gasped. More and more of it entered her, until it seemed far longer than what had been in her mouth. The god’s cock bottomed out inside her, but still he pulled her nipples.

You can pick up the book here.

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