Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ghost Lovers and Brutal Pirates

Forbidden Fiction released The Three Wives of Bluebeard over the weekend -- it's a dark retelling of an already dark fairy tale, including hungry ghosts and a brutal pirate husband.

Here's an excerpt:

“Am I dreaming?” Mollena asked again.

“A little bit yes and a little bit no,” the woman said.

Mollena had forgotten about the light woman until she laughed. “Cecily is so enjoying being mysterious with you,” the light woman said. She, too, settled on the bed beside Mollena. The soft warmth from the two women’s bodies set off a fierce longing in Mollena. “I’m Francine. You are dreaming, but this is a true dream, and we are not figments of your imagination.”

“You live in this house?” Mollena asked.

“We used to,” Francine said.

“Now who’s being coy?” Cecily said. She flopped away from the group, rolling her eyes. “We still live here, in every way that matters.” Cecily’s delicate black eyebrow arched. “We live here body and soul.”

“Why don’t I see you when I’m awake?”

Francine stopped Cecily from answering and shushed Mollena with a soft, sweet kiss on the lips. She stroked her, slipping her hands into Mollena’s nightgown and caressing her breasts and sides. After a moment, Mollena surrendered to the sensation, letting her head press deep into the pillow and arching her back. “You want something, don’t you?” Francine said, giggling.

“Yes,” Mollena managed.

Francine’s fingers began to move along her belly, tickling and teasing as they went. But Cecily sighed loudly and trapped Francine’s wrist before the light woman could satisfy the desire that had begun to bud in Mollena. “Don’t distract her,” Cecily said. “Let her ask her question.” She turned to Mollena, easing Francine’s hands away in the process. “What was it you wanted to know, dear heart?”

“Do you live in some other part of the house?” Mollena said, looking from one to the other. “Why haven’t I seen you during the day?”

“You could look for us,” Cecily offered. “With all those keys, you’ll certainly find something.”

Francine scowled at the dark-haired woman. “Don’t tell her to do that. Why don’t you ask Bluebeard about us?”

“That idea’s no better,” Cecily said. “If you don’t want her to look for us, then I suppose you should just go on distracting her.”

Mollena shook her head. She couldn’t think clearly through the haze of the dream and the intoxicating presence of the two women. “I don’t understand,” she said. “Who are you?”

Francine smiled sadly at Mollena. “There’s no distracting her,” she told Cecily.

“Well, of course not,” Cecily said. “And you don’t really want her distracted. You want her to look for us, you just don’t want to admit it.” Cecily patted Mollena’s cheek. “You won’t have any trouble finding us if you want to, my sweet.”

Mollena tried to protest and ask more questions, but both women settled close to her, undoing her nightgown completely. Cecily nibbled Mollena’s left nipple, while Francine suckled at the right. Thought fled Mollena completely as the clarity of the dream dissolved into a sensual swirl.

If you'd like to read more, you can get a copy here. Also keep an eye out for Wicked Fairy Tales, which will collect this story with others from Forbidden Fiction authors.

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