Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Touched By Death

Last week, Forbidden Fiction released its first special collection, Touched By Death. If you missed the chance to get Less Than a Day as a standalone, you can pick it up here along with a good sample of other Forbidden Fiction writers.

You should be warned that Touched By Death is not your typical stroke book. While there's plenty of hot sex in the book, there's also a lot of uncomfortable and downright disturbing sex. I love how willing to push boundaries Forbidden Fiction is, and this is no exception.

The standard edition, available on Amazon, leaves out what is probably the most disturbing story in the collection -- Konrad Hartmann's Glad Rags. If you want the "extended edition," which includes Hartmann's story, you have to buy the version of Touched By Death for sale at Forbidden Fiction's own web store.

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