Saturday, June 23, 2012

Help Erica Stand Up for Herself

What's Revenge teaser from KAT HUNT on Vimeo.

The idea of revenge makes me very uncomfortable, and yet, when I watched the teaser for this proposed documentary, I teared up, then spent about five minutes crying before I could get myself together. What moved me so much was the meek hopelessness so clear and visible in Erica's telling of her story. After relaying an incident of sexual harassment, she concludes by saying, with flat eyes, "What could I even do?"

I've been that woman. I've been hurt, but felt there was no point in seeking recourse. I've tried to seek recourse, and found that hurt worse, in some ways, than sucking it up would have.

I understand why a friend would want to act on this woman's behalf, to do something, to make people pay, and maybe to make them understand. I'm not sure how I feel about revenge, and I'm glad the makers of the documentary aren't either. What I do know is that this feels important to me. Art can get at really uncomfortable things like this in a way purely cerebral exercises often can't.

I've supported projects on Kickstarter before, but rarely have I felt such urgency about it. It looks like Erica and her friends need this film to be made, but you know what? I need it, too.

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