Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My True Confession

I've got a piece coming out in a collection of erotic confessions put together by Barbara Cardy, at Constable & Robinson. It's too early yet to have a link, but I was excited to find out I'll be included, and I also thought I should mention... it's a true confession.

Obviously, I make a lot of stuff up for my writing, sometimes based loosely on true events, but most often not. My stories won't tell you too much about my real sex life, other than a bit about the flavor of it, or a glimpse at the sorts of things that turn me on.

In some cases, I've tried things in the bedroom after writing about them. It was strange to reverse the process. The confession I wrote is from the early part of my relationship with my dom, Dimitriy, and it describes the first time he used nipple clamps on me.

In the confession, I focus mostly on the description of the act, but it was also the moment I really fell for him. The last several years have been a lot about coming into my own -- as a writer, as a sexual being, and more. The morning after Dimitriy used those nipple clamps, I started to get a wild, exciting vision of my life the way it could be -- the way it would be if I accepted what I really wanted and went after it. I hope reading about the experience inspires someone to try something crazy!


  1. I, personally, think it is a great story.

    1. I certainly thought it was great when it was happening...

      Thank you!