Sunday, December 8, 2013

She Who Must Be Obeyed

Sometime in 2014, I'll be part of a collection from Lethe Press called She Who Must Be Obeyed: Femme Dominant Lesbian Erotica, edited by the fantastic D.L. King.

This is from the original call for submissions:

There’s something about a hot, sexy woman in a pencil skirt, flawlessly made-up, wielding a riding crop. Well, I think there is. I know, for me, sometimes it’s hard to decide between the black leather pencil skirt and the black rubber one. You know what I mean. I’m talking about a woman worshipped by girls, bois and butch bottoms, alike; I’m not particular – well, not that particular.

Tell me stories about women who can silence a room simply by entering it. What’s it like when a mere glance can make you weak in the knees and a stare will put you in your place – at her feet. I’m looking for power exchange as seen from either the femme’s point of view or her worshipper’s.

I've gotten permission to share the table of contents, and I'm so excited looking at this list. I'll post more information when I've got it!

Noir by Valerie Alexander

The Nose Art Gal by Mary Tintagel

Uncharted Territory by Evan Mora

Grace: Under Pressure by D. L. King

The Bullwhip and the Bull Rider by Sacchi Green

Demo Model by Rachel Kramer Bussel

Too Old for This by Giselle Renarde

The Dame by Styx St. John

Triptych by Lula Lisbon

Angel on Fire by Jessica Lennox

Mares in Heat by Evey Brett

Tears from Heaven by Jean Roberta

Bleed by Teresa Noelle Roberts

Evelyn Gets Ready by Annabeth Leong

Anger Management by Beth Wylde

Garden Party by Karen Taylor

Prima by Katya Harris

The Ride by Kathleen Delaney-Adams

Stretch by Kathleen Tudor

Silvia by River Light

The book is available for preorder here.

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