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Untouched: A Sensory Voyage of Voyeurism and Discovery

Celia Lambent lives in constant conflict. Her sexual appetite is voracious, and yet she cannot bear to be touched. Untouched is a raunchy journey of voyeurism and discovery as Celia seeks the cause and cure for her condition.

"Don't think that the scenes where Celia cannot be touched will be less steamy -- one of the great joys of the book is that Celia is deeply aroused and arousing thanks to her own evolved understanding of the erotic." — Lana Fox

Liquid Longing

From Annabeth Leong’s penetrating view of the sensual, the sacred, and the profane comes an anthology of erotic tales of wonder. Passion flows, mercurial, through these eleven tales of sex, death, and rebirth. Curiosity mingles with shame, anger revels in worship, exploring desire of all types. Here are dead gods, undead starlets, and immortal creatures hungry for connection—a collection of love letters to human nature, with no easy answers among them. Instead you will find intimate legends and infinite possibility. For every dark soul pining for something beyond their grasp, there is a moment of ecstasy to tantalize the heart and mind. The stories here do not represent the safe, sane, and consensual, and no awareness of risk can prepare you for the ultimate sacrifice. Come, immerse yourself in Liquid Longing.

MakerSex: Erotic Stories of Geeks, Hackers, and DIY Projects

Edited by Annabeth Leong, the author of Untouched and Challenge Accepted. Warning: May void the warranty on a stale sex life. The punks and rebels of Maker culture have arrived to take sex apart and rewire it into thrilling new forms. They know that skill is sexy. They know the heady power of taking things apart just to see the insides. They know how to get what they want. Whether building makeshift spacecrafts to fly into unknown astronomical phenomena or staying closer to home and breaking orgasm into programmable parts, these characters tamper when they’re not supposed to, kiss plastic, and involve soldering irons in their foreplay. In the process, they fight corruption, choose who and how to love, and create erotic possibilities both playful and profound. Featuring stories by Lillian Marguerite, Renata Piper, Moxie Marcus, TS Porter, Eric Del Carlo, and Kelly Rose Pflug-Back.


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