Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Unspeakably Erotic (Quite Likely) Out Today!

My friends, I am writing to you from the distant past (by which I mean April). April Annabeth wanted to be sure I would remember to share with you that D.L. King's new anthology of lesbian kink erotica, Unspeakably Erotic, is out today. It includes a story of mine, called "Simultaneous," which is super kinky and involves a dominant masochist, piercing, group sex, and fisting! I previously shared an excerpt of it here, and the table of contents here.

Here's the cover image I was given back in April:

Maybe you'd like to order this book? If so, here are links I found in April! Here's a link to the paperback edition, and one to the kindle edition.

So, rock on, April Annabeth, mission accomplished!

On the other hand, the reason I keep mentioning that I did all these things in April is that things could have changed. Those links could be broken now. The cover image might have changed due to an arcane new policy from Amazon about not showing ass cheeks. Or the publication date could have been pushed back. Or, gods forbid, this could all be irrelevant in the wake of some hideously destructive decision made by the disturbingly ignorant commander in chief of the U.S. of A. Who knows? If so, please forgive me! (And whoever else might be involved).

Whatever happens, my story is hot, and I'm pretty sure the others are, too. If you're here, please consider reading them, even if you have to search a little to find the correct links, or even raid the ruins of a bookstore or print shop in your current post-apocalyptic hellscape (Not that I wish that on you or anyone else. I'd really rather we all be able to comfortably sip tea and read erotica in our own homes, including immigrants and muslims, should they so choose.)

Knowing myself, I will probably leave this post as written because I enjoy these sorts of time capsules. So here's your message from the past, and your present exhortation to add something new and Unspeakably Erotic to your life.

<3 <3 <3