Thursday, August 12, 2010

Upcoming Story on Every Night Erotica

My story, "Removing Barriers," will be up on erotic flash fiction site Every Night Erotica on August 25th! Look for it then, and, in the meantime, check out the new pieces the site offers every night.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Crushing with the Girl Crush authors

Hey, guess what? The Girl Crush book is out! Not only should you immediately pick up this collection of shatteringly hot lesbian erotica (which includes my story, "Running Away and Running Home Again"), but you should head over to the official website, where editor R. Gay has been posting fun and sexy interviews with the Girl Crush authors.

You can see my interview here. Here's a teaser:

I write what turns me on. If I’m not getting wet while I’m writing a sex scene, I delete it. I’m very demanding as a reader of erotica. I want it to make me feel something and care about the characters, but I also want to have an orgasm while reading it. Sex scenes hot enough to make me have an orgasm always have a key image that gets me going. I try to make sure my sex scenes have that image and linger on it long enough to really fix it in the reader’s mind.

Don't stop with my interview, though! Check out what the other authors have to say, and please consider picking up the book. As a bonus, each interview includes an excerpt of that author's story, so you can get a good sense of the book's makeup from checking out the interviews.

The promotional efforts don't stop there, however. Rumor has it I'll be publicly reading from this story. More details once I stop blushing...

Monday, May 31, 2010

Announcing The Six Swans

I've previously blogged about the Coming Together series, an excellent charity series of erotica with the delicious tagline "Doing Good While Being Bad."

They're being kind enough to publish my story "The Six Swans" in their new erotic novella series, Coming Together: Neat. I'm not sure exactly when the book will be out, but you can see the cover if you follow the link.

The Six Swans is an erotic retelling of the fairy tale by the same name.

The young King Evan struggles to become a man and ruler amid the choking influence of his mother’s spies and machinations. When he meets a silent, beautiful woman in the woods, he can’t resist the pure, honest sensuality of her touch. Bringing her to the castle as his wife and queen is Evan’s declaration of independence. The king’s hard-won happiness falls apart, however, when his mother accuses his new wife of murdering their first-born child. Evan believes that the private, physical language he shares with his queen tells him everything he needs to know, but as tragedy strikes again and again, his love and faith are tested to the breaking point.

The original story is told from the perspective of a princess who must take a vow of silence to save her brothers from a curse. I’ve always been interested in the king who falls in love with her despite her seeming insanity, and so I wrote The Six Swans from his perspective. I wanted to tell the story of his passion and loyalty, and of the sexual connection that’s strong enough to overcome the isolating power of the princess’s vow.

The result is a story that's dark, sexy, and deeply romantic.

Now that I've told you about the story, let me talk a little about the cause. Sales from Coming Together: Neat go into Coming Together's account on Kiva, a website that allows users to give small loans to entrepreneurs around the world. For years, I've loved the idea of microloans. I like how empowering they are for both the giver and the recipient, and I love the statistics on how often they're paid back and how effective they seem to be in changing people's lives.

Please consider checking out "The Six Swans" and supporting the other titles in the Coming Together: Neat line. I'll post more information here as it becomes available.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Edible Interface

I've got several pieces of news to report, but I'll start by mentioning another story I've got up on the Oysters and Chocolate site. It's called "Edible Interface," and it's another lesbian erotica piece with a bunch of geekiness thrown in. Think DIY sex toys and mediated human-human interaction.

As an author's note, I have to say that I wasn't the first to come up with the idea of an edible interface. This story was inspired by a real artist's project, which won the 2006 Yahoo! Out of the Box award. That interface was a racing game controlled by licks on a lollipop. Though I do not believe it was intended to be dirty, you should Google for the video and check it out--it's definitely something to see.

However, I can't blame the video or the project for the smut. The moment I heard the phrase "edible interface," I envisioned a device such as Alesha builds in the story.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What's Not to Come

I'm late announcing that the excellent Oysters and Chocolate has published my story "What's Not to Come." They were also kind enough to feature the story in their March newsletter.

"What's Not to Come" is a sweet story about a married couple exploring sexual possibilities.

I'm a regular reader of Oysters and Chocolate, and it's always an honor to appear on their site.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Girl Crush

I have a story coming out in the Girl Crush anthology, which will be released in May 2010 by Cleis Press. Editor R. Gay just released the lineup for the anthology, along with the very sexy cover art--you can view both at the link above.

I'm excited to read this anthology because R. Gay's made an effort to include stories that cover a wide variety of girl crush scenarios. Some of the stories will be sweet and romantic, and others will portray a darker side.

My story, "Running Away and Running Home Again," is on that darker side. I've been exhilarated by the experience of reading and writing erotica because I'm finally saying things I never felt I had permission to say. I'm encouraged to do so by the brave writing of others (see links to the side of the page).

Check out the site, and I'll post more about the anthology when I've got more information.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Coming Together: As One

My story, "The Hunt," will come out this April in the Coming Together: As One anthology. This is part of a very cool series of erotic anthologies published for charity. This one will benefit ONE, the campaign to end global poverty.

The stories and poems in this anthology all have a menage theme. Mine is set in ancient Greece.

I'm incredibly honored to have been selected for this anthology--I'm in great company among these writers. I also love this subversive way of raising money for a good cause. I'll post more as the release data approaches.

Hello World

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