Friday, May 16, 2014

I Make Videos

I recently made several videos for one of my publishers, Sweetmeats Press. This one (NSFW) will give you a little taste of Untouched, the book I just wrapped last night.

In this one (Also NSFW—I do keep things hot), I read the beginning of "Safekeeping," my story in Made for Hire.

Finally, I made a video talking about Sweetmeats (Maybe also NSFW? Depends where you work...) and why it would be awesome to support their IndieGoGo campaign. Also, I don't say this in the video, but they're offering so many books as perks that I would never be able to resist ($5 will get you an ebook, and $50 will get you the ebook back catalog).

I had so much fun making these videos that I've got plans afoot to do more. I'll update you on those projects when I've got news!

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