Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Most Dangerous Pet

More catching up on news.

I've got a story, "The Most Dangerous Pet," coming out in First Bite, an anthology from Ravenous of vampire first times. Due to the vagaries of publishing, this is actually one of the first erotic stories I wrote. I remember that I wanted to subvert the common vampire tropes, and so I made the vampire the submissive. He's a dangerous pet for his domme, no lie, but she outclasses him through martial arts and expert application of rope.

Reading over the story again, there's an undercurrent of anger that I really like—it feeds the eroticism, but it's born of resistance to common ideas about who's sexy, who's on top, who's valuable, all of that. I've been thinking lately that I like when that emotion appears in my erotica, and it's nice to see that it was present even at the beginning.

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