Tuesday, April 24, 2012

On Self-Censorship

Author Giselle Renarde interviewed me for her blog, Donuts and Desires, on self-censorship and other issues around being a writer:

I definitely self-censor. I had to dip my toes into erotica bit by bit — I am a deeply kinky person, but it was hard for me to reveal that as a writer. I would be reading extreme blood play lesbian BDSM, and then publish a vanilla story about a straight married couple. I have started to get into more of my true kinks recently, but I have to say that what has been happening with PayPal and censorship on book-selling sites has had a chilling effect on me.

Read the full interview here.

As an added note, I'm really disturbed by what's been happening recently -- books getting pulled from sites without explanation. Read Giselle Renarde's description of her experience with the sudden disappearance of Elementary, My Dear Kathryn, a lesbian anal fetish e-book. You can still pick the book up from the publisher.

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