Thursday, September 19, 2013

Go Ahead and Make It Sexy

I've seen a lot of interviews with erotica writers who push back against the image of themselves writing while wearing leather corsets and fuck-me pumps. "I'm just a regular person," people like to say.

I'll confess that I do my share of regular-person writing—-at the library, say, where I get a little thrill out of typing naughty words while most people probably think I'm working on a paper for grad school. But sometimes, I go ahead and make it sexy. I've put on those fuck-me pumps at the kitchen table and typed while my pointed toe makes me feel like a sex kitten. I've stripped down to black satin underwear because it got me in the mood to write a hot scene. Sometimes, my dom puts on my collar and I sit down at my laptop to write while in the safe, warm bubble of his control.

It's nice to do that sometimes. I consider it a perk of the profession.

Don't get me wrong. I have line edits to do and commas to check just like anybody else. But for me writing erotica is an act of passion, and sometimes I like to get passionate about it.

I've had kinkier ideas for writing. I've thought about writing while wearing insertable sex toys, for example (though I worry my words would flow drunken onto the page). I suppose you could picture me writing while wearing sweatpants if you want to (it does happen sometimes). Other times, though, I put on a mini-dress with no panties and turn myself on so much that when my dom gets home from work, he can smell that I've gotten the juices flowing--creative and otherwise.

This is sex we're talking about, after all. It's got to be okay to make it sexy.

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