Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Big Book of Submission

More catching up on news.

It's only a couple months now (July 15!) until Cleis Press drops The Big Book of Submission, a collection of 69 kinky tales edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel. My story, "Crunches," will be in it, but may I also draw your attention to Kay Jaybee, Teresa Noelle Roberts, Tilly Hunter, D.L. King, Jade A. Waters, Lucy Felthouse, Kathleen Tudor, Giselle Renarde, Donna George Storey... Um, just go read the table of contents below.).

When I was writing "Crunches," I was interested in subtlety. I wanted to step out of dungeons and spanking scenes and think about other scenarios that can activate the desire to submit. So I wound up envisioning a personal trainer and the sets of detailed instructions she provides. BDSM is a complicated term, and it's not as simple as it can seem. There are rituals that often call that word to mind, but then there are interactions that are much more subtle that can activate similar feelings. I was thinking about situations that turn me on in that submissive way, and sometimes I find myself getting off on following instructions. That's especially true if the person giving the instructions is pushing me in a certain way—careful, loving, but also a little farther than I would push myself. When I'm exercising, I often get turned on—certain positions and machines will create muscular tension that arouses me. And classes can activate my excitement about instructions. So I find myself skimming this subtle, kinky pleasure off my gym experiences sometimes. Of course, in "Crunches," things escalate much more than they ever have for me, though this happens in the middle of a crowded gym...

I'm pushing a bunch of my own buttons, anyway, all in a very short story.

The Big Book of Submission: 69 Kinky Tales
Edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel

Introduction: The Many Meanings of Submission

I Want to Feel You Joy Joy Faolán
Naughty Prof Louisa Bacio
Strip Medea Mor
Training My Dom Tilly Hunter
Dear Sir Kay Jaybee
Put Your Hands Up Sommer Marsden
Crunches Annabeth Leong
Butch Unbound Salome Wilde
The Prodigy Valerie Alexander
Beautiful Teresa Noelle Roberts
Lariat Michelle Augello-Page
Toasted Marshmallows Tilly Hunter
The Shoot D.L. King
Sunday in the Art Gallery with George Elizabeth Coldwell
The Third Plug Nick Mamatas
Others Jade A. Waters
Without Question Lucy Felthouse
In the Darkness Regina Lafayette
The Test Kristina Wright
Patiently Waiting Alyssa Morris
Brunch L.C. Spoering
Love and Salt Erzabet Bishop
Brazen Kathleen Delaney-Adams
Story Time Inara Serene
Princess Amelia June
Contact Shenoa Carroll-Bradd
For Her Art Elise Hepner
Working It Out Roger Markson
Control Cate Ellink
Unanchored Corrine Arundo
Fucktoy Lady Lucretia
Caramel Kathleen Tudor
The Bulldog Breed Lisette Ashton
Mistress Raven Olivia Archer
Following Orders Jade Melisande
Writer’s Block Kitten Boheme
Help! My Wife’s a Former Dominatrix! Angela R. Sargenti
That Moment When Martha Davis
The Dinner Erzabet Bishop
Room with a View Rose de Fer
Fitting Assignment Marie Rebelle
Spider Valerie Alexander
The Chrome Plated Connection Ginger F.
How to Fail Laurel Isaac
Crush Giselle Renarde
Housebroken Laila Blake
Stronger Than Steel Alva Rose
Student Becomes Master Rob Rosen
Where the Sun Don’t Shine Corvidae
Object Regina Kammer
The Control Tower Olivia Summersweet
Long Skirt Gigi Frost
Breathless Obedience Cèsar Sanchez Zapata
Mine Roxanna Cross
Second Date Alice Gauntley
Table Manners M. Marie
Teddy, Bare Jere Haken
The Problem is, I’m a Bitch Corrine Arundo
The Lost Suitcase Tamsin Flowers
The Rhino C. Margery Kempe
Marni’s Working Area Dominic Santi
Lost in the Feeling Nicole Gestalt
Choker Sean Finn
Reverse Psychology Rachel Kramer Bussel
Aftermath Michael in Texas
Take Down Marievie
Hard Things Joy Joy Faolán
Breathless Dorla Moorehouse
Perfect Gentleman Donna George Storey

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