Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Milestone, and How to Choose from My Work

Perhaps only of interest to me, since the books themselves have not posted yet, but I noticed recently that my author page on Ellora's Cave is up. So that's really happening. :)

Writing for them has made me think a lot about that phrase "erotic romance" -- in my work for EC so far, it's been really true. I employ all my eroticist tricks, coming up with varied sex scenes that reveal character and move the plot along, while also building a love story that comes to fruition in a happy ending. I've enjoyed the form, and it's taught me a lot about how to plan (that belongs in another post).

I'm very proud of my work for EC -- The Fugitive's Sexy Brother is the most complex story I've written, including a villain who nearly stole my heart, a thriller plot, and three different couples who use three different styles of BDSM. I'm planning to write a lot more in the erotic romance form.

And if you like my dark erotica (where happy endings are not guaranteed), never fear. I've got two deliciously dark pieces coming out from Forbidden Fiction this year (Andromache's Prize, which drops next week, and Icarus, a retelling of the myth that is, IMO, the best thing I wrote last year). And the year is young.

One thing I've always known is that as a writer I really like to stretch into a wide variety of styles. As I've moved into publishing more stand-alone books, I've tried to group them in sensible ways so readers know what to expect. Of course, it's wonderful if you love everything I do. On the other hand, if you prefer certain styles, my current system is:

Breathless Press - erotic paranormal romance (all werewolves so far, includes HFN)
Ellora's Cave - contemporary erotic romance (realistic modern settings, ends in HEA)
Forbidden Fiction - erotica (often mythological, generally dark, sex in a variety of moods, all bets are off about how this thing will end - some HEA, some tragic)

I love the freedom this system gives me, and I hope it helps readers pick up books they're going to enjoy. I also do a lot of work for anthologies, in which case I try to follow the mood that I think fits the publisher, and am generally erotic and sex-positive.


  1. Hrmm. I really like your system of not crossing genres with a single publisher, something I've been chewing on as I get ready to look at what I've just finished, which is a little more kinkier than what I've done before. I try to keep the lines drawn with a variation on my pen name, but I'm also aware that more readers are buying based on publisher.

    A villain to get your heart racing? Get on mah reader.

  2. Thanks! What I worry about regardless of what system I use is that readers won't understand it. I would hate for someone to be appalled by a story that's way too dark for them, but I would also hate to make it too hard for someone to find other stuff I've written. I'll be curious to see what you decide to do with your kinkier story!