Saturday, March 9, 2013

Chocoholics Rejoice!

Smut for Chocoholics came out this week from Sexy Reads. This is a delicious, substantial anthology of stories of "sensual, sinful chocolatey indulgence" edited by Kevin Mitnik with assistance from Victoria Blisse.

I was really excited when I saw the TOC:

Victoria Blisse - The Chocolate Addict
Giselle Renarde - Mona's Flood
Lexie Bay - Decadent Velvet
Annabeth Leong - It's Not Vanilla
Lily Harlem - Red Carpet Sweat
Violet Fields - The Runaway Bride's Surprise
Nicole Gestalt - The Chocolatier
Tamsin Flowers - Her First Taste
Tenille Brown - Kisses
Vanessa de Sade - Caramel Velvet
Wendi Zwaduk - Drizzle Me In Chocolate
Lucy Felthouse - Not Just Desserts

Maybe someday I'll manage to get close to Giselle Renarde's incredible productivity -- I swear she's in every anthology I pick up! :)

For now, the anthology is available on All Romance (though it's coming soon to other e-book vendors). I'll be doing a guest blog at Sexy Reads about my piece, and there'll be other fun stuff to come from the other authors!

In the meantime, I was pleased to see that the excerpt at All Romance is from my story. I'll follow suit:

Josh moans, working his hips to get more friction in my mouth. I let him lead, but before we can settle into a rhythm, Josh pulls away, reaching for Mark. With three of us in bed, we've gotten used to awkward readjustments. We execute this one as smoothly as possible. Josh kneels before Mark and takes his mint-chocolate-covered dick into him mouth. I lie on the floor so I can reach the erection between Josh's legs. In response to Josh's guidance, I curl my body forward so his fingers can reach my clit.

Then I lose myself in the smells and tastes of hot chocolate and hotter men. Josh works my clit with a rhythm that precisely matches my pace with his cock. My tongue writhes against his shaft. His thumb dips inside my pussy. I want one more flavor with my chocolate: him.

I tickle his inner thighs and work harder, but it's Mark who starts a chain reaction that leads to all of our orgasms.

Mark grabs the back of Josh's head, thrusts a few times, then tenses as he comes. Josh seems to enjoy being manhandled by our normally submissive lover, because a moment later I'm swallowing all the hot cream I can handle, while Josh's hand speeds up on my clit as if he's in the last seconds of jerking himself off.

I grab his wrist and arch up hard against the pressure of his hand, collecting tension in my pussy. I shut my eyes and slip off his cock, resting my head against Josh's thigh, focusing and gathering my own pleasure until it bursts into an orgasm. I rock my hips through it, listening to everyone's labored breathing.

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