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An Interview With Kyoko Church

I first encountered Kyoko Church's writing in her excellent contributions to anthologies by Mischief Books. Now, she's on tour to promote her new stand-alone title, For Her Pleasure. She kindly allowed me to ask her about femdom, moving into writing longer work, and more. Enjoy!


The blurb:

Imagine an average guy with a wife, a job, average house, average car, average sex life… Well, not exactly. He has a secret he finds so embarrassing that he never talks to anyone about it. And then one day he meets her...

An architect chairs the newly formed Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Committee at his office. When the consultant he hires to help him organize the new committee turns out to be a red-haired bombshell, he tries to rein in his untoward thoughts.

But when she uncovers his embarrassing little secrets, this married man ends up in a relationship that’s so wrong on every level of his carefully put together life.

How long will he let his burning carnal desires threaten everything he’s worked so hard for?


1. You’ve said that For Her Pleasure is based on previously published short stories. How did the story of subPaul and his Mistress begin?

I’m not sure if you mean how did their story begin or how did I begin writing it. I’ll try and answer both. The first incarnation of their story had them meeting in an elevator of a building they were both working in. They did not share any kind of professional relationship, nor did it have anything to do with the Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Committee -- that came later. They just shared a moment where they really saw each other, if you know what I mean. As for writing, it began with this idea of a man who could turn a perceived weakness into a source of arousal. I find that idea to be really intriguing and it inspires all sorts of thoughts and fantasies for me.

2. A lot of authors who start out writing short pieces seem to struggle to put together longer work (myself included). Can you talk a little about how you converted short stories to a single-author novella?

Sure! As I said, I had a lot of ideas for scenarios that subPaul and Mistress could find themselves in. I find it’s fairly easy for me to come up with snippets of hot encounters. But yes, weaving them into a longer work was a challenge. And it was the first time I’d written a single-author novella! Up to the time when I wrote this I’d only written short stories. I have to say, my editor at Mischief helped me. Although I had a lot of the scenarios and relationship elements laid out, it was he who suggested to me that there needed to be an extra element of tension. There needed to be more at stake for my sub. And that is when I came up with the idea of him chairing the Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Committee. In the end, the juxtaposition of this man indulging in all his kinky fantasies while chairing this committee not only gave the story more heat, it also afforded me more opportunities to be a bit funny. Lol. Because femdom so often ventures into the realm of the absurd!

3. Wrongness seems to be a theme of For Her Pleasure. Sub Paul chairs the Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Committee, he’s married, and so on. Wrongness can be very uncomfortable -— but it can also be very hot. How do you use wrongness in For Her Pleasure, and what makes it a turn-on? 

I’ve never really thought of it in those words but you’re right, wrongness is a prevalent theme throughout. Yes, it can be so hot! In this story, as I talked about, it provides tension for the plot. But also for Paul in his sexual exploits. Mistress toys with him quite a bit in terms of his job and his wife and his marriage. He has those moments where he thinks, this is so wrong… why am I so excited by it?? That’s a great question, what makes it a turn on. And one you see discussed more and more, in terms of infidelity. How do you escape the fact that, while infidelity is certainly not something positive, it is increasingly difficult to deny that the very fact you are not supposed to do it is part of the allure for some. It’s difficult to say why that is. I don’t think I can put it into words. I think it is just a natural part of some people’s psyches that, as soon as you say don’t do xyz, suddenly xyz is all they can think about doing!

4. I was really interested by a quote I found on your blog: “If the idea of femdom scares you or doesn't interest you or is something you think is really weird and you don't get it... I'll ask you to go with me a bit on this. You might be surprised. Because, before I started writing in this subgenre, I was like you.” I’d love to hear more of that story. What made you try writing femdom if it weirded you out at first? 

Aw, you checked out my blog? And found something interesting?! Yay! That totally makes my day. As for writing femdom, yes, it did weird me out at first. I didn’t have any experience with it and had never really given it much thought. What little knowledge I did have was populated by stereotypical images of harsh looking women in leather brandishing whips and weak looking men cowering at their feet. I didn’t understand it and I dismissed it as something that was simply not my cup of tea.

So I didn’t wake up one day and decide, I want to try writing femdom! It just evolved into that. My writing always comes from little fantasies I have and all my fantasies are derived from power struggle. Up to that point I had always related more to the submissive side and since I’m female that translated into stories that were maledom. But when I think about it I have always been fascinated by the issue that Paul struggles with in this book: premature ejaculation. (Hm, that deserves a whole blog post in itself! Stay tuned to the tour for that!) So in indulging my fantasies about that, it created these characters and this story grew from there.

5. You’ve also suggested For Her Pleasure might provide a fresh perspective on femdom. How so?

I guess that was a little na├»ve or perhaps presumptuous of me to say. In my eyes it’s a fresh perspective since I had not encountered a more sensual approach to femdom before. I had those harsh stereotypes in my head. I hadn’t considered that a female character could dominate while still maintaining a soft, sexy and even loving demeanour. So to a reader who is like I was – with limited knowledge of the subgenre and who might dismiss it as just weird and unflattering – I am hoping this provides another way of looking at it.

6. As a writer of both femdom and maledom, do you feel you’re speaking to different audiences? Or do you think there’s overlap in the readership? Most of my femdom reading has come about when I followed a favorite kinky author to the “other side.” To what extent do you think a person can enjoy both? 

Ha, I love you thinking of it as “the other side”! That’s funny. Like, come join us over here on the dark side. We’re having loads of fun! Lol.

I don’t think about an audience when I write. I can’t. I just don’t think my writing would come out authentically or with passion if I did. I write what pleases me and then just hope others like it too. I don’t think I’ve been publishing long enough to be able to speak knowledgeably on the topic of overlap between femdom and maledom readership. I really don’t know. I think there could be. I think if you enjoy power exchange in a sexual context, which is really what’s at the core of almost everything I write, then it’s possible to enjoy reading both, even if you wouldn’t want to explore one or the other in real life. That’s what the fun of reading books is all about, right?

7. Anything else you’d like to add about writing in general, femdom, or For Her Pleasure?

Just that I hope readers will check it out, whether they’re a fan of the subgenre or not. I really feel the story holds up on its own merits, not just as an excuse to write hot femdom erotica. Having said that, don’t get me wrong, there are LOTS of hot femdom scenes filled with tension and lusty, naughty behaviour! So do have a look. And I’m always eager to know what readers think. I encourage people to comment, tweet or otherwise contact me with their thoughts!

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my questions!



When he got back to his office she was stretched out on the leather sofa beneath the large picture window that looked out high over the city. Her feet were up, Kate Spade heels on the floor. Again, those red toenails.

He shut the door behind him.

‘I hope you don’t mind,’ she said. ‘I made myself comfortable while I was waiting. Been on my feet all day.’ The look she gave him then could only be described as imploring. Imploring in a way that sucked his gaze back to those gorgeous feet. An inexplicably helpless feeling bloomed in his chest.

‘Have a seat,’ she said, indicating the sofa beside her.

He settled uncomfortably at the other end, not knowing where to look or how to position his body. She chuckled. ‘A little closer, silly,’ she said, lifting her foot up, offering it to him as he moved closer. He blushed but took it, gently. Her foot was surprisingly small and slender, the skin pale so the red toenails stood out sharply.

His mind raced. Raced. Everything in his brain screamed how wrong this was, how they were the two people in the entire building most aware of the wrongness, charged as they were with informing the entire company on the intricacies of how wrong everything about a man touching a woman’s foot in a work setting was.

Especially when said man was pitching a tent in his pants.

But he absolutely could not stop. His dick screamed back at his brain to shut the fuck up, just shut up for once and let me have this one.
Well, what harm would a little consensual foot rub do? That was the key word, right? Consensual. He began to massage slowly.

‘Wait a second.’ He looked up. ‘Turn to me a little,’ she said. ‘That’s right. Now lift your knee up onto the couch.’ He did so and jumped as she placed her other foot gently but firmly against his crotch. ‘Keep rubbing,’ she commanded, gesturing at the foot in his hand. ‘I just want to make sure you’re not getting excited.’ Fire exploded in his face. He looked away from her, at her foot, then looked away from that.
She laughed. ‘It’s OK,’ she cooed. ‘I know you like my feet. And I do need a foot rub right now. So you rub my foot.’ He hesitated. ‘Do it,’ she said, not laughing now. ‘But I just need to make sure, you know, for legal reasons, that you’re not being a disgusting pervert and getting all excited about my pretty feet. I need to make sure this foot rub is just about you doing something I’ve asked you to do for me. Alright? For massage therapy purposes.’

How could he be so confused and at the same time his dick be growing? Did she mean it? Of course she didn’t, but he couldn’t be sure.
He rubbed, obediently trying to clear his mind, trying to think of anything but her slim foot in his hands. But there was also the pressure of her other foot against him. And then she started making little noises. Little whimpers, groans of pleasure. ‘Mmm, that’s right,’ she purred. ‘Ooo, right there, that feels so good.’ He was helpless. He sat helplessly rubbing her sexy foot while his cock grew with a mind of its own.

‘Oh my god, what is going on?’ She looked at him. ‘I can feel you, you know,’ she said, wiggling her toes against his stiffness, only worsening matters. ‘God, what horny little thoughts are going through your head? Was it the noises I was making?’ she chided. ‘I was only enjoying the foot rub! You weren’t thinking that’s what I sound like when I fuck, were you?’ Oh! To hear that word. To hear that word come out of her mouth. It hung in the air, like a spark, like an echo. A mere half hour ago she had been standing in the conference room lecturing on what constituted inappropriate language in the workplace! But he could not deny that he had never heard that word sound so fucking sexy ever before. A hard slap of a word and when she said it he immediately wanted nothing more than to do it. With her. Now.
He stared into his lap, unable to respond. ‘Well, if you are going to act like a horny, little dog, then that’s how I’m going to have to treat you.’

This is how it was that the chair of the sexual harassment committee of X Architects found himself on all fours on the floor in front of this goddess, pants around his knees, praying, hoping against hope that no one opened the door to his office that he didn’t think to lock, while he humped his straining shaft against her foot like some kind of human lap dog.

It was sheer and utter madness. And he was powerless against it.

Even though she didn’t make it easy for him, did things like swing her foot away, complain that he was going too fast, laugh, force him to keep all four limbs on the ground, to not use his hands, even still his little problem reared its ugly head.

He spurted, hips helplessly bucking, after two minutes.

Oh no.

Here it comes.

He knelt in front of her and braced himself. He steeled himself against the familiar onslaught of feeling – frustration, anger, shame – that always raged through him like a firestorm, burning through everything in its path. But instead of the usual reactions of disappointment, pity, anger or worse, the yawning silence, pregnant with judgments and unspoken resentment, there was something different.
Giggling. Like tinsel. Like glasses chinking together, crystal laughter.

‘My, my, my, we are the eager little beaver, aren’t we?’

Heat rose, he could hear the blood pump through the vessels in his head.

‘That’s OK, sweetie,’ she said and she leaned over, put her lips right next to his ear, so he could feel her breath on his skin. ‘Mistress has all sorts of ways of dealing with a horny little puppy like you,’ she whispered.

Oh fuck.

‘Starting with,’ she said, dipping her finger in the creamy mess on her foot, ‘rubbing your nose in it.’ She swiped her finger across the space between his nose and his upper lip. A moustache of his own shame. The sharp, acrid odour immediately brought a fresh jolt of humiliation. ‘You may not rub or wash that off,’ she announced. She took his chin with her fingers, stared right into his eyes. His heart pounded in terror. ‘You will wear your disgusting mess on your face. It will be there for all of the rest of your meetings today.’ Oh god. ‘And when you go home and kiss your wife.’ Oh god! ‘And when you put your head on your pillow tonight.’ She sighed then, closed those gorgeous eyes and smiled. ‘When you have your shower tomorrow morning you may wash it off then.’ He realized then he wasn’t breathing and took in a gasping breath.

And suddenly he realized something else. Something astounding.

He was hard again. Harder than he had been the first time.

There was shame. But no anger. There was humiliation. But no frustration.

Pure humiliation. Not blazing, like the white hot heat of the firestorm of his secret torment, but rolling in slowly, like molasses, covering him, turning his insides liquid, enveloping him in a mass of humility, shrinking him down, making him want to place his hard, needy little cock before her in an act of complete submission.

And what she did then made it throb and ache even more.

She leaned in and placed the smallest little kiss with her full, soft, pouty red lips right on the tip of his nose. Like the period at the end of a sentence.

There it was. Just like that. Turned a hair to the left. His torment died.

His kink was born.

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Kyoko Church discovered the power of the written erotic word when she was 16 years old and penned a very explicit missive to her boyfriend detailing all the naughty things she wanted to do to him. When he received it, boyfriend was impressed. When he found it, father was not.

For the next 18 years she hid her naughty thoughts in shame. Until she found a community where they were once again appreciated for the well-imagined smut they are. Her short stories have been published in anthologies by Black Lace, Rubicund Publishing and Xcite Books. Book One, Nymphomania, and Book Two, Sapphic Secrets, in her Draper Estate Trilogy were published by Xcite in 2012. For Her Pleasure was published by HarperCollins Mischief in February 2013.

A Canuck by birth, she has recently made Australia her home. She is currently learning to drive on the left and say G’day convincingly.

Website: http://kyokochurch.blogspot.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kyoko.church
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kyokochurch
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/kyokochurch/

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