Thursday, March 21, 2013

Blind With Desire

I've been having a great time reading reviews of the stories in Alison Tyler's Sudden Sex anthology, so I decided to play, too. I chose Tenille Brown's "I'd Rather Go Blind" because of the title, and because I generally enjoy her stories.

"I'd Rather Go Blind" starts when a woman is offered a choice: she can go without sight or without hearing for the coming encounter. As the title suggests, she chooses to forego sight, and is blindfolded. The genius of this story lies in its attention to the other senses, particularly hearing. For example, the woman wonders for the first time if the neighbors can hear what she and her lover are doing. I know from experience that a toy like a blindfold is inert until it's given life and magic by the people using it. This story captures a sense of surprise and delight that transforms the blindfold into something more than an object. I'd love to read a sequel that would tell me what the lover planned to do if she'd chosen to be deaf!

There are 68 more stories on top of this one -- if you'd like to check them out, it's easy to find Sudden Sex.

And, though the mood of this song is different from the mood of the story, Tenille did say the song inspired her. I can't pass up an excuse to post a song performed by Etta James and Dr. John.

"I don't want to be free." -- Etta James

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