Sunday, March 10, 2013

Andromache's Prize

I've got cover art to share, this time from the excellent Siolnatine (my favorite cover artist of the mythical). Love the way this cover refers to the style of Ancient Greek art.

Andromache's Prize is a lesbian love story set against the aftermath of The Trojan War. It pairs Andromache (wife to the late Hector) with Briseis (famous coveted object of Achilles and Agamemnon). It's a war story, so the opening is brutal and harsh -- be warned that some readers may find it disturbing.

I love The Iliad more than I can explain, so I'm really excited to write in its world. The book will drop in about a week, and you can check out an excerpt now at Forbidden Fiction's story page.

(This story was formerly titled "After Troy, the Women.")

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