Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Crushing with the Girl Crush authors

Hey, guess what? The Girl Crush book is out! Not only should you immediately pick up this collection of shatteringly hot lesbian erotica (which includes my story, "Running Away and Running Home Again"), but you should head over to the official website, where editor R. Gay has been posting fun and sexy interviews with the Girl Crush authors.

You can see my interview here. Here's a teaser:

I write what turns me on. If I’m not getting wet while I’m writing a sex scene, I delete it. I’m very demanding as a reader of erotica. I want it to make me feel something and care about the characters, but I also want to have an orgasm while reading it. Sex scenes hot enough to make me have an orgasm always have a key image that gets me going. I try to make sure my sex scenes have that image and linger on it long enough to really fix it in the reader’s mind.

Don't stop with my interview, though! Check out what the other authors have to say, and please consider picking up the book. As a bonus, each interview includes an excerpt of that author's story, so you can get a good sense of the book's makeup from checking out the interviews.

The promotional efforts don't stop there, however. Rumor has it I'll be publicly reading from this story. More details once I stop blushing...

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