Monday, April 25, 2011

Music Mondays: "Portland, Oregon" by Loretta Lynn (feat. Jack White)

"Well, Portland, Oregon, and sloe gin fizz -- if that ain't love, then tell me what is." -- Loretta Lynn

I'm still on the subject of erotic insanity, but this is a lighter version. "Portland, Oregon," Loretta Lynn's duet with Jack White is a song about getting drunk and getting laid, simple as that. Because of the singers' age difference, I find there's a stronger subtext of the ill-advised sexual connection. At the same time, the warmth of the singing gives the sense that the lovers don't really have regrets.

And a lot of the passion of this song is in White's guitar, which starts on a trippy, Beatles-esque note, and goes on to describe the excitement of stepping foolishly into the unknown.

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