Friday, April 22, 2011


My new story, "Slowly," is up on Every Night Erotica:

He pressed his forehead against hers and stared into her eyes. His fingertips skimmed the lace surface of her bra, enough to tease but not enough to satisfy. With a groan of frustration, Lyla reached back to undo the bra herself, but Cam stopped her, his hands suddenly iron on her wrists.

“When we were at the restaurant,” he said, “did you tell me to eat my food faster?”

“What do you mean?”

“I want to enjoy you, just like the food we ate. When I chew, I like to do it slowly.”

Again, Cam’s strange, deliberate way sent arousal careening through Lyla’s body. She couldn’t help bucking her hips up against him, only stopping under the calm, heavy weight of his brown gaze. “I want you,” Lyla whispered finally.

“I know. I like that. It makes it more fun to tease you.”

Please check out the rest!

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