Saturday, January 7, 2012

O Christmas Tree

What if you had a reason to avoid taking down the Christmas Tree? I enjoyed writing to holiday themes this year for Every Night Erotica, and for this post-Christmas story, I decided to play with objectification. Matthew, Connor, and Lucy have agreed to include an extreme bdsm game in their menage -- this year, Lucy gets to be the Christmas Tree. Matthew, in particular, doesn't want to give the game up:

As the holidays had progressed, her two lovers had found ever more extreme ways to decorate her. Nipple clamps were always a given, and blond Connor made sure to exquisitely tug the silver chain between them whenever he hung a row of white doves from it. Matthew liked to poke her with the Christmas lights while he wound them around her to see if he could make her move or yelp. When Lucy held still, he would tickle her with tinsel as he tied it around her wrists and draped it across her fingers. The two men would sit in the living room and admire the view for a bit while Lucy strained to maintain her position and hold still. After a little while, they would return to her, tweaking her nipples and feeling between her legs as they tied red and green rope into harnesses that lifted her breasts and helped support her limbs.

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