Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Stories I've Enjoyed: "Switch" by KJ Kabza

KJ Kabza's "Switch" appeared in Like Heaven and Hell: Erotic Tales of Angels and Demons, which Circlet published in early 2011.

An angel who enjoys slumming on Earth by pretending to be a demon becomes obsessed with another angel, who is much more innocent:

"What are you doing?" he whispered. But the whisper was dreamy and weak, and when I moved my mouth to his ear, his words became lost in a feverish sigh.

I slid my hand down. I expected to find his desire rising in answer to mine, but I hit nothing but soft hair.

Oh. A woman's place.

I felt myself smiling. "This is your first time. To Earth. You've never manifested before."
Head tipped back beside my mouth, transported, Nix could barely manage a sound.

"Human males don't..." I started to explain. But perhaps Nix had meant to manifest as a woman to begin with. Or maybe Nix wasn't quite clear on the differences?

I really enjoyed how genderqueer this story was. It played with the fluid boundaries between "him" and "her" in a sexy, satisfying way.

I liked several stories in this anthology, and plan to post about them in coming weeks.

For full disclosure, I've published with Circlet before, but I bought and read this book entirely on my own.

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