Sunday, May 14, 2017

Less Than One Week to Help Xan West

Friends, I know I've been talking a lot about this—on Twitter, here, in my newsletter—but the reason for that is that I care. Xan West (AKA Corey Alexander) means a great deal to me, as both an author and a person, and our help is needed.

I know these are tough times. I feel like every day there is some urgent demand for my attention, my energy, my (limited) funds, my power, my love. I often feel exhausted by it all, and there are some things I don't feel able to get to. So I completely understand if you're tapped out or tired. I am, too.

This, though... So much right now is big and overwhelming. I often feel tiny. I'm often not sure if I can help or how to try. In times like that, it helps me to bring my focus to a smaller scale, and maybe that's another part of why I'm here. Xan West is one person, and I know I have the power to offer direct benefit in this case, with money, with energy, with attention.

But ultimately, it's not about me. It's about helping Xan live in safety. And one part of why I know this matters (other than the worth of every single person, no matter what), is that Xan's being and work have so often sustained me, and I know I'm not the only person for whom this is true. Xan's writing has given me joy and healing. Xan's presence is kind, thoughtful, and encouraging. Xan gets on Twitter and shares coping strategies right when so many of us need them. I want Xan to receive just as generously as Xan gives.

There's less than a week left on this YouCaring campaign, and I'd like to offer you three ways to help:

1) Give directly.

2) Buy a copy of Xan's book, Show Yourself to Me.

(Until the campaign is successful, Xan's publisher, Go Deeper, is giving Xan 100% of the proceeds from this book that are purchased from the Go Deeper website. You will find the website here.)

Honestly, if you haven't read Show Yourself to Me yet, I'm a little jealous. It's so revelatory and exhilarating.

3) Spread the word.

Share links to the campaign I embedded above. Share links to the page for Show Yourself to Me. Share links to Xan's Twitter feed. Everything matters.

<3 <3 <3

Thank you so much for reading this.

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