Monday, May 1, 2017

Music Mondays: Venus Fly by Grimes ft. Janelle Monae

I miss doing these Music Mondays posts, so I thought I'd revive them.

First, I wish SO MUCH that the video above was actually a trailer for an f/f science fiction romance about two ridiculously hot warrior witches conquering the universe.

Second, they're both so unbearably cool in this video. I feel like the planning conversation for this video went something like this:
Grimes: Would you like to come hang out with me while I hold fire?

Janelle Monae: Do I get to wield a flaming sword?

Grimes: Not only that, I will let you put a spinal cord on the front of your body.

Janelle Monae: If I also get the coolest goggles ever, I'm in.

Grimes: Can I be the one to wear the coolest nails, though?

Janelle Monae: Of course. I'm not selfish. I'm just awesome.

Grimes: I know! And I want you to be your full awesome self. We will both have wings!

Janelle Monae: Oooh. This will be so much fun.

Grimes: You know what, let's BOTH wear the coolest nails ever.

Then they had some similar conversation about the actual song...

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