Friday, February 15, 2013

When the Vacation is Over

Next Valentine's Day, I'll get a nice surprise when Kristina Wright's anthology, XOXO: Sweet and Sexy Erotic Romance, comes out including my story, "When the Vacation is Over." By February 2014, I am certain to see the story as an alien artifact from the lost sands of time, which hopefully means I'll enjoy it more since I won't remember the ending. I'll be sure to post reminders of the story's existence when it's closer to time.

Joking aside, I'm stoked to be in one of Kristina Wright's anthologies, which are always excellent. Her book Fairy Tale Lust knocked my socks off just recently, so while I must wait to see what's in store for XOXO, I'm sure the result will be worth it.

Here's the table of contents so you can get excited, too:

Introduction: Love Bites
Midnight -- Emerald
Soldier Boy -- Sommer Marsden
Anniversary Wrappings -- Kathleen Tudor
Because He Knows Her So Well -- Saskia Walker
Control -- A.J. Lyle
Unsnubbed -- Jeremy Edwards
Designated Driver -- Heidi Champa
Friend of the Court -- Kelly Rand
Ouch! -- Lily K. Cho
Steam -- Mariposa Cruz
The War at Home -- Giselle Renarde
By the Sea -- Angela R Sargenti
Gargoyle Lovers -- Sacchi Green
Best Friends -- Catherine Paulssen
Dirty Laundry -- Martha Davis
Night Moves -- Christine d’Abo
Miss Organized -- Elizabeth Coldwell
When the Vacation is Over -- Annabeth Leong
The “Tilly” Crown Affair -- Michael M. Jones
Gentle Teasing -- Raelynn MacDonald
Eighty Cupcakes -- Neve Black
Imagination at Play -- Brighton Walsh
Heighten the Senses -- Heidi Champa
Bathroom Play -- Catherine Paulssen
Company Picnic -- Anya M. Wassenberg
Homecoming -- Jenna Bright
Steal the Key -- Amy Glances
Simmering Down -- Kathleen Tudor
Nailed -- Giselle Renarde
Perk of the Job -- Cheyenne Blue
A.M. Wood -- RosalĂ­a Zizzo
One Hot Wet Night -- Veronica Wilde
The Distraction -- Louise Hooker
Connecting Flight -- Salome Wilde
Wild Naked Bandits Flee the Square Conspiracy -- Nikki Magennis
Faded Goods -- Vida Bailey
Puzzle Pieces -- Rachel Kramer Bussel
Very, Very Well -- Kristina Wright

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