Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Oral Pleasure

I promised an excerpt of "Getting Something Out of It," my story in the new Cleis anthology Going Down: Oral Sex Stories. When I wrote this story, I was thinking about the pleasure the giver receives from giving head. Conventional wisdom holds that it's something you're doing for someone else, or that if you're into it, it's because you like the power trip. In this story, I get away from both of those things and consider the giver's physical pleasure from the act -- oral fixation, smell, and so on. Here's a bit:

“Let’s try it. Right now. Put my cock in your mouth.”

She glanced down Mateo’s body. His cock lay soft against his leg. “But you’re...”

“Doesn’t matter. It’s not about me. Put it in your mouth and see if there’s something you like about it.”

Paige wanted to refuse. Hadn’t she screwed things up enough by now? Couldn’t Mateo just let her give up on sex for now and hope she didn’t make a scene about this next time? But when her eyes traveled down his body, she did want to touch him. Gently, she put her first finger on his cock and pulled the foreskin down just slightly.

“Not fingers, Paige. Try it with your mouth.”

She felt helpless. She arranged herself so her face was near his cock again. She pressed her lips to his stomach, feeling the soft cushion of hair there that led lower.

Feeling a little silly, she started by just kissing his cock, feeling how soft it was against her lips. She kissed up the shaft and then kissed the wrinkle where the foreskin bunched after covering the flaccid head. She wriggled her lips under the foreskin and kissed the bare head, too.

Mateo stroked her hair again, his hands now so gentle that she shivered with the intensity of his tenderness. “That’s good,” he said. “The idea here isn’t, ‘Let’s figure out how to please Mateo.’ I want you to do what feels good to you, what you like in your mouth. This is your cock, and, unless what you do hurts, you can play with it however you like.”

Paige felt his words go straight to her pussy. Her cock. She’d told him so many times that she was for him, that her cunt belonged to him, but had never thought to ask the same in return. What did she want to do with her cock?

She opened her mouth wide and sucked it all inside. It nestled easily against the roof of her mouth. She prodded it a little with her tongue and sucked it lightly. She liked having the soft, warm coil of it completely under her control. She cupped Mateo’s balls with her left hand. All of his most sensitive parts in her hand and mouth. She felt a slow, deep pulse in her cunt.

You can get the whole book here.

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