Thursday, May 3, 2012

Write for Coming Together!

Coming Together's Alessia Brio recently sent out a note about upcoming anthology calls -- a lot of neat stuff here!

Coming Together: Arm in Arm in Arm... (tentacle theme, benefits Oceana)
Nobilis Reed, editor
Closes 6/30/12; Releases 9/xx/12

Coming Together: In Vein (vampire theme, benefits Doctors Without Borders)
Lisabet Sarai, editor
Closes 8/1/12; Releases 12/25/12

Coming Together: Hungry for Love (zombies theme, benefits American Diabetes Assoc)
Sommer Marsden, editor
Closes 7/31/12; Releases 10/31/12

Coming Together: Triumphantly (healing/recovery theme, benefits Nat'l Women's Health Network)
Dorla Moorehouse, editor (Dorla is new to Coming Together, so she'll have a co-editor this time)
Closes 11/30/12; Releases 2/14/13

The Submissions page is here:

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