Tuesday, May 15, 2012

T-Rex on Sex and Violence

The latest Dinosaur comic got me thinking.

It is weird that the language of violence is so commonly used to describe sex acts. There's also implicit violence in a lot of euphemisms. For example, "Give it to her," sounds violent to my ear, maybe because it's usually in a complete sentence like, "Give it to her harder."

The language flows in the other direction, too. For example, there's the famous line used to start a UFC match: "Let's get it on!" Here, sex becomes a metaphor for the intimacy and excitement of the fight.

Sometimes, these things can be bad, adding a layer of ugliness that doesn't have to be there. But sometimes, it might just express physical effort or the sense of importance that's in a sex act.

T-Rex notes that the language of violence is used in all sorts of cases. Maybe that's the language we use for a certain kind of striving, a certain sensation, a certain burst of adrenaline.

I don't have an outlet for violence in my daily life. I don't ever actually hit anyone. So, the most violent thing I'll do in a given day is fuck. Sometimes, I do it hard, cursing and sweating and pushing my muscles to the point of exhaustion. And then, "hit that" makes a lot more sense as a metaphor. I'd hit that pelvis, hard, slapping my ass against it while I strain toward orgasm. I'd sweat all over that. I'd sink my teeth into that, grip those hips and grind. Kind of hot that way.

Maybe "hit that" expresses animal lust, when you don't exactly mean, "I'd make love to that person" or "I'd like to be in a relationship with that person."

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