Saturday, May 21, 2016

A Change of Perspective

I had stepped into someone else's life. Everything I had on was new or rented—the tuxedo, the shining black leather shoes, the binder that concealed my breasts, the cock stuffed into the front of my pants.

The woman on the other end of the leash I was holding didn't belong to me either. Kristina, my best friend, had begged me to put on this show for just one night, for just this party, and I had agreed.

I had stripped her naked, buckled her into a leather collar so thick she couldn't bend her neck, locked it with the padlock she had given me, and led her into the main party room by a leash handle that could double as a spanking implement. The temptation was to clutch it because I wasn't sure I knew what I was doing, but I forced myself to hold it loosely instead. Max, the character I was playing tonight, wasn't the type to over-grip. He was the definition of cool and smooth, because I'd made him up to be that way, and I focused on walking and moving like I'd imagined he would.

Those are the opening paragraphs of "A Change of Perspective," my new story in Silence is Golden. The more the main character focuses on walking and moving the way Max would, the more she discovers about herself—hot, feral, toppy feelings; attraction to her best friend; and the alluring sensation of embodying a a handsome, sexy, well-put-together man.

Here's a description of the anthology:

If someone is unable to speak, how do they communicate with their partner? If a sub or Dom can't hear well in crowds but loves to play at parties, what mechanisms are in place to ensure everyone stays safe?

The kink-inspired stories in Silence is Golden are sexy and bold. You'll meet strong, diverse characters across the spectrum of sexuality who revel in their desires. From silent Doms and Deaf lovers to submissives who can't be silenced and those who seek out the quiet. This sizzling collection brings together the finest erotic stories from Annabeth Leong, Dale Cameron Lowry, Sienna Saint-Cyr, Leandra Vane, Anna Sky and Janine Ashbless.

I'm really excited about my story for this, and I'm looking forward to reading the others. Also, can I fangirl for a moment about being anthology buddies with Janine Ashbless? She's one of my heroes. (Check out Named and Shamed, for example, which is one of my favorite erotic novels ever.)

I hope you'll take a look at Silence is Golden. You can find it here.

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