Monday, May 2, 2016

Timeless Lust

Myths have always been a major source of inspiration for my work, and I'm not the only one. Now, Forbidden Fiction has put together a collection called Timeless Lust, which includes three of my stories, and eight others.

My contributions include:

Hunting Artemis

Dedicated to remain virginal for Artemis, it is not until Nikia meets the hunter Theron that she realizes what she has given up with her vows to the goddess. In the heat of her newly-discovered passion, no touch but Theron’s can remove Nikia’s lust. Nikia and Theron form an uneasy kinship, united by the cruelty of unrequited desire. Together, they will make unlikely sacrifices for Artemis, and together, they will receive an impossible reward. (M/F, F/F, M/F/F)

The Snake and The Lyre

Eurydice longs to marry Orpheus, but his self-centered love for his music blinds him to her sensuality. A cruel Naiad seduces and kills Eurydice, unleashing the full hunger of her desire. When Orpheus braves the Underworld to save his lost Eurydice, can he pull his bride away from its depraved pleasures? (F/F)

Andromache's Prize

When Briseis had belonged to noble Achilles, she had been better able to bear slavery. Now, though, the heroes had all sailed away home, leaving baser men to strip the carcass of Troy. Briseis had been given into the hands of cruel Calygdus, and nightly she suffered for his every shame and weakness. Until the night that Andromache and the women of Troy fell upon the Greek camp, slaying the men and releasing the women slaves, promising them freedom in the City of Women. Freedom, and love… (M/F, F/F)

If you can't wait to read those stories, you can pick them up (and more!) in my collection, Liquid Longing.

Of course, I'd love you for checking my book out, but I think you should check out Timeless Lust, too. Forbidden Fiction is a fearless publisher committed to publishing interesting, boundary-pushing work. Timeless Lust will give you a good sample of what kind of work you'll find in their catalogue.

Here's a description of Timeless Lust:

"There have always been lusts that transcend limits. The rush of fire in the blood, the hunger for touch, the compulsion to bury oneself in the flesh of another. Ancient storytellers enraptured audiences with tales of love and lust, of the dangerous passions of gods and heroes and monstrous creatures, pursued sometimes to destruction.

These modern interpretations of those ancient themes span histories and cultures from Greece and Rome to Egypt and the Holy Lands, stories of love and betrayal, of vengeful gods and goddesses, and pleasurable peace. There is much more to a palace eunuch than meets the eye. One man must face his greatest sins, while another battles to save his lover’s life. A woman must balance appeasing her ethereal deity and her earthly desires, and another is imprisoned behind the bars of a gilded cage.

Eleven tales of intense lust in the ancient world crafted by ForbiddenFiction’s best authors, ready for you to peel back the cover and indulge your carnal appetites."


Timeless Lust will be released on May 24th, and there are a lot of cool events and posts planned. I'll be participating in the release party online on May 26th, and the other authors and I have been writing a lot of behind-the-scenes info.

Watch this space for more information—I'll be hosting a guest from among my colleagues, and I'll share pointers to the posts Forbidden Fiction is putting together about the historical settings of the stories in the book. Of course, I'll also tell you how you can find us on the 26th—it's a great chance to chat with authors, read hot excerpts, and win prizes.

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