Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Now is the Time for Timeless Lust

Out today, friends! Timeless Lust in the Ancient World is the newest anthology from Forbidden Fiction, and it contains three stories from me.

Here's what it's about:

"There have always been lusts that transcend limits. The rush of fire in the blood, the hunger for touch, the compulsion to bury oneself in the flesh of another. Ancient storytellers enraptured audiences with tales of love and lust, of the dangerous passions of gods and heroes and monstrous creatures, pursued sometimes to destruction.

These modern interpretations of those ancient themes span histories and cultures from Greece and Rome to Egypt and the Holy Lands, stories of love and betrayal, of vengeful gods and goddesses, and pleasurable peace. There is much more to a palace eunuch than meets the eye. One man must face his greatest sins, while another battles to save his lover’s life. A woman must balance appeasing her ethereal deity and her earthly desires, and another is imprisoned behind the bars of a gilded cage.

Eleven tales of intense lust in the ancient world crafted by ForbiddenFiction’s best authors, ready for you to peel back the cover and indulge your carnal appetites."

The staff at Forbidden Fiction have put together a lot of treats to accompany this book. I wrote a bunch of behind the scenes info for all three stories, and the authors did interviews giving even more insights into the underpinnings of and inspiration for the stories. You can find a complete list of the posts here. You can also watch this space—tomorrow, I'll be posting information about the ancient world settings used in the book—both historical and mythical.

Also, on Thursday evening, I'll be participating in the release party chat. I'll be online with several other authors talking about the book, sharing hot excerpts, and answering questions. My time slot is 5-8 pm ET, May 26th, but other authors will be on later—going until about 10 pm ET. You can join us by clicking this link at the appropriate time.

And don't forget to check out the book!

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